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The one you can accurately hit your target with while under extreme duress.

There's no right answer to this for everyone. If you live in the middle of nowhere with the nearest neighbor a mile away, feel free to use a carbine rifle like an SKS, AR-style or ruger mini-14.

If you live in town a handgun or shotgun might be more appropriate. Shotguns, if using the correct type of ammo, are less prone to overpenetrating obstacles, thereby killing your neighbor instead of the person breaking into your house.

Frankly, anyone who has to ask the question, should not be protecting their home with a firearm. Buy a taser and a can of pepper spray. Your neighbors will thank you for it.

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Q: What is the best gun for home protection?
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Handgun - 38 special Long gun - 12 gauge

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Self protection? As in keeping robbers away from your house? I guess i would go with a gas rifle. They are often the most powerful, but are more expensive. If your are looking for home security, an airsoft gun would not be your best bet. I would go with an actual pellet gun or air rifle. Airsoft guns are more for recreation.

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4 things, Airsoft guns Baonetts for the gun Knifes and REAL guns. But im just a kid so do what u want

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Hunting, trap, skeet, home protection, collecting, etc..

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There are many hand guns available on the market. But your personal preference of the hand gun in which is best for protection is up to the person. While one person maybe like a Glock you may like a caliber or style of gun for yourself.

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A pellet gun is not adequate for protection, and will get you arrested.

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Marlin 30 30?

i have had one for 15 years... good gun low maintenance, not a long distance sniper or nothing like that. Just a good saddle gun, protection against for example a charging bear or cougar and home protection

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The best form of protection is to ban anyone from owning a gun, then you definitely won't get shot - but hey, I'm not an American so I don't understand why everyone needs a gun, even after the shootings in Auora, which, rather perversely, have increased the number of gun sales in America. But what do I know, I'm not an American.