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The road to healthy hair is paved with products, potions, protein, and deep conditioners... oh my! If your hair is fried or suffers from split ends, sun damage, tangles, and broken brittle pieces, it's time to take charge of your hair's health. It's easy to forget that our hair can be very fragile. Exposure to the sun, hair dryers, flat irons, and even daily brushing can take it's toll and leave you wishing for a time machine. It's important to remember that repairing damaged hair won't happen over night, but over time developing these habits will aim you down the road to recovery.

Staying in Dubai is and always a bad treat to your hair. The dry and dusty climate makes it miserable for your hair to feel at its best. Thanks to my spa therapist, they provide me excellent services. Some additional info: If you anytime come to Dubai do visit some of the hair spa Dubai.

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What is the best way to repair damaged hair?

Trim off spllit ends and get a haircut that takes off as much damaged hair as possible. Then start using a good hair repair treatment.

What is the best hair dye on damaged hair?


What are the best hair growth treatments?

The best hair growth treatments depend on the cost a person is willing to pay for the treatment. The best hair growth treatment is Provillus. However, the best hair growth treatment for the money you pay is Rogain.

What is the best treatment for damaged hair after using lice shampoo?

lice shampoo is inaffective and damaging to your hair..lice have become immune to the lice shampoo here

I need a simple, fast, and effective treatment for my dull and frizzy hair. What should I do?

Hair treatment generally involves using harsh chemicals on your hair and takes a lot of time too, many people want a cheaper yet faster and effective solution and for that, we at the SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon provide excellent protein hair treatment for slightly damaged too heavily damaged hair. Our protein treatment in Dubaiprovides nourishment to your damaged hair and provides then good relief from stress. To get more info please visit

What are the benefits of Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment?

The benefits of Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment is that is is simple to use, it has natural ingredients that won't irritate the scalp, and it also helps restore damaged hair.

What is the best hair conditioning treatment?

Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan oil Hair treatment.

What is the best and cheapest hair treatment in the Philippines?

pubic hair treatment from ol ben franklin

Who does Brazilian Keratin Treatment in Maine?

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is a straightener treatment suitable for damaged and unmanageable hair types. M and M salon offers the treatment in Maine.

How do you fix damaged hair from perms?

Its quite impossible to fix damaged hair from a perm. Hoenstly, youre best bet is to get a conditioner for damaged hair. the healthiest part of your hair is your root so unless you get your hair cut off than your damaged hair wont go away. but you can treat it with professional products. (:

Where can I get the best hair treatment in Dubai?

You can explore Keratin Treatment in Dubai for availing the best hair treatment at a cost effective price. You can get premium hair treatments such as protein treatment, Botox treatment and more. You can browse their official website to know more,

Which is the best and leading ladies salon for keratin hair treatment in Dubai?

SAbeauti Professional Ladies Salon is the leading professional hair salon in Dubai for a range of specialized hair treatments including keratin hair treatment. We have a team of expert beauticians for hair treatment Dubai who will help you get the best treatment for your hair available in Dubai. For more info please visit

How do you treatment hair?

you use special hair treatment you can get from your hairdresser or but it from a chemist

Can you recommend products that will help my dry, damaged hair?

The best product to get for dry damaged hair that you can buy at any deparement store for under $5.00 that works awesome is the vo5 oil hair treatment kits! They work amazing and take no time at all to work. You are left feeling great with soft luscious hair again and you get it at a cheap price.

I need the best hair treatment in Dubai for my wedding. Where can I go?

Visit Keratin Treatment for professional hair treatment in Dubai. The leading hair care salon in Dubai offers a large group of skilled beauty experts trained to offer the best of treatments for your hair. Explore the services and make most of their popular treatments such as protein treatment, botox treatment, Brazilian treatment and more. For more info please visit

Can you explain growth and repair of hair?

Using the best hair mask will help to repair damaged hair. Urban Antidote Hair Mask from Tigi is one of the best among them. Recovery Treatment Mask for Dry Hair 200 g Crafted with a specialized product that works to revive, moisturize and reduce the indications of damage. TIGI Bed Head Mask infuses each strand with moisture with Core Repair technologies for sufficient weekly use on brittle or damaged hair, ensuring that the hairs are safe against sun damage and chemicals. TIGI Bed Head Treatment Mask Suitable for dry damaged hair. TIGI Bed Head Treatment Safe to use on colored hair. As a weekly injection, use your TIGI Bed Head Mask. Apply from the mid-lengths to the ends, then rinse for 5 minutes. Formulated with Glycerin to hydrate and moisturize dried hair, to condition, secure, and repair damaged hair, Silico Shield Technology for smooth and soft hair, and Dimethicone.

What are the best home treatment options for hair loss?

The best home treatment for hair loss is to change your diet. Lotions, creams and fast hair growth solutions rarely work.

What is shine moist henna wax?

it is a treatment especially designed for dull and damaged hair... (^_^) g@il

Why is a porosity test done on hair?

to test the hair to see if its damaged and able to have the treatment done, if the hair stands up once it have been pulled back by finger and the thumb then the hair is porus.

Do you have to use hair protector before curling your hair with a curling iron?

you dont have to but it is best to as it protects you hair from getting damaged :)

Which shampoo is best for frizz and damaged hair?

Use sulfate free shampoos which won't dry out your hair.

How do you find treatment to damaged hair?

You can find treatments in a beauty supply store or drug store. Kolestral is a good treatment. There are newer and more expensive ones out too.

Is washing your hair the best way to prevent head lice?

No using hair treatment is the best way to prevent lice.

How can one stop black hair growth?

The best way to prevent black hair growth is to get laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal treatment targets dark hair follicles and prevents them from regrowing.

Which shampoo is the best to use?

It depends entirely on the specifics of your hair. There are certain shampoos that are better for color treated hair, oily hair, damaged hair, etc.

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