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The best insurance policy would depend on the type of insurance you're looking for. Whether it's home insurance, auto insurance, or life insurance, your bank should be able to assist you. Or, alternatively, you can also look into Manulife Financial as an option.

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Is the cheapest insurance a guarantee of the best insurance policy?

You really need to find a balance of cheap prices while insurance policy, the better insurance policy you get, the more expensive it gets. But the cheaper price the policy, the effectiveness of the policy will suffer.

What is the best life insurance policy in India?

Government Owned Life Insurance Corporation of India's New Jeevan Anand Policy is at present the best insurance policy in India, which is a mixture of endowment and whole life policy, which is indeed novel and unique in the whole world.

What is the best home owners insurance?

An HO3 all risk policy offers the broadest coverage possible for a homeowner. Many insurance companies offer the HO3 policy form, they cost a little more but they are the best homeowners insurance policy you can get.

Is it best for your dependent daughter to have her own auto insurance policy or add her to your policy?

Add her to your policy, but make her understand this is to help her out, and if she behaves irresponsibly, she on her own for insurance coverage .

How to train businesses on auto policy insurance?

The best way to train businesses on auto policy insurance is to review the entire policy in detail, especially going through any exceptions to the policy.

Where can one purchase a travel insurance policy?

There are many sources for anyone who wants to purchase a travel insurance policy but the best place to start would be by contacting the insurance company an individual already has a policy with and to ask for a recommendation from them.

Which insurance company is best for insuring electronics?

Any insurance company will cover your electronics under your home owner's policy, rental policy, or car insurance policy. If it's really expensive, then you should tell the company so they can add extra insurance to it.

What is one of the best motor cycle insurances?

The best place to go for insurance on your motorcycle is to check locally. Start by contacting your personal insurance company that hold your auto insurance policy and this way you can apply for a multi-policy discount.

Which rental car insurance policy is the best one in Pennsylvania for a temporary period?

Nationwide and travelers seem to have the highest ratings out of any car insurance policy in the Penn area. The cheapest and best insurance place would be travelers in Pennsylvania.

What is composite insurance policy?

It is a composite insurance policy(:

Does the cosigner on an auto loan have to be on the insurance policy?

By co-signing the loan, they are guaranteeing that you will repay the loan. They do not need to be on the auto insurance policy, but it would be in their best interest.

What is the best deal online for a life insurance policy?

The best deal on life insurance really varies individually. It is best that you contact an insurance adviser to visit you in your home and discuss current options.

What's the best medical insurance policies?

The best medical insurance policy coverage would depend on your current and foreseeable future needs. The best policy coverage will be from a reputable company that offers the amound and type of coverage you desire.

Who has the best insurance for construction and renters ins?

It is not likely you will find a single insurer with the best offering for both of these insurance categories. Construction Insurance is a Commercial lines Policy while Renters Insurance Is a Personal Lines Policy. That's kinda like trying to mix apples and oranges.

What is the executor on a life insurance policy?

The Policy Holder of a life insurance policy is the executor of the said policy.

How does one get a car insured?

In order to get your car insured, you must visit an insurance company and apply for a car insurance policy. Be sure to shop around so that you can get the best deal on a car insurance policy.

How can you check your insurance policy at Nippon insurance?

call them and ask them to fax your insurance policy.

Is there an insurance policy in my name?

There could be, call the insurance company to find out. The best way to determine if there is a policy in your name is to check the mail for your insurance bill. Most policies require premium which is paid to keep the policy going. Chances are slim, but if haven't seen a bill for a policy, you may not have one.

Is AAA the best company for Highway insurance?

"Yes, AAA is the best company for highway insurance. They have superior policy when compared to other companies who provide similar highway insurance policies."

Which are the best platforms in India to compare health insurance online?

There is a myriad of insurance companies available in India with multiple insurance product. So finding a right health insurance policy is quite difficult. The best way to grab the right policy compare it with the help of best platforms available in market such as Coverfox.com, Policybazaar.com, Policyx.com etc.

How does one go about purchasing life insurance for a baby?

Life insurance can be purchased for a baby. Any insurance company should be able to place a policy. The best known policy would be the Gerber Baby Plan.

Do you provide professional liability insurance?

Sure. Depending on your occupation professional liability can be added as a rider to a businessowners policy. Often times professional liability will be a separate policy. I recommend that you contact a good independent insurance agency that represents several insurance companies so they can find you the best policy for your needs at the best price.

Can you drive a car which has no insurance policy but you have a insurance policy on another car?

Depends on the state and your insurance policy. call your local agent.

What statement best describes the term insurance?

Term insurance is insurance that does not grow in money. If you have a policy of $10,000 for 20 years, it will be worth $10,000 for the entire term of the insurance.

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