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What is the best magic deck?


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if your talking about a "trick" deck (magic deck) i would highly! recommend a svengali deck for beginners, for manipulation just some standard bicycle playing cards, or if your serious pick up some black tigers of some tally ho vipers , really nice decks :)

btw the svengali deck is, the spectator chooses a card, you can make that card jump to the top multiple times, then the whole deck turns into the selected card :)

For a white deck I'd pefer a fast soldier deck that cannot only get out enough creatures but can also give you alot of life in the back ground. So this fast attackers and life gain.


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The best place to make a deck online would be because after you make a deck you can test for free.

It has a poker deck, a bridge deck and a canasta deck!!

A giant deck is a deck consisting of the creature type giant.

Blue is all about spells and enchantments, so I'd recommend a blue deck. Fight fire with fire. Or, I guess, water with water.

its the intro deck its cheap and good for starters

If you are referring to a pre-constructed deck, you can buy one at any store that sells magic cards, or anywhere online that also sells magic cards. If you are referring to a deck archetype, you will need to search online for a decklist of cards that you require.

I have found that Ears of the Elves is one of the best decks to play. But i also like Relics of Doom

monster trap and magic

a deck that you can pilot well and be able to respond to threats or know your "outs" in sticky situations.

1/4 of the whole deck normally. Eg 40 card deck 20 monsters 10 magic 10 trap

This is magic talk for swapping out a deck where the order of cards has been lost, with a pre-arranged (cooler) deck. Ring in a cooler is a terminology used in gambling and magic, which mean to switch in a stacked deck or a deck that has been placed in a specific order.

Are we talking type 2 or just from the alara block or including all sets?

You can do a search at and

Yes of course. You may build a deck with as many colors as you want. It becomes increasingly difficult to win with such a deck. You will likely find that it is difficult to have the land you need for the cards you have in your hand, but it is certainly possible. it is best to stick to one or two colors, with 1 color, i go 40 cards with 20 land , and for 2 color deck i go 40 cards with 22 land, 11 of each my opinion white is the best color in magic

There are hundreds of resources where you can search magic dekclists. Find a forum, ask questions, post a decklist or decklist idea, and asking for assistance is one of the best ways to improve your deck. Also seeking advice and even providing some context for your deck (tournament, casual etc) can get you some very helpful feedback.

The deck that enables you to do that is a trick deck. You can buy a deck at a joke shop, magic store, novelty store etc. You rub the back of the deck and all cards change.

There is no best they are all equal. I recommend the newest Intro/Starter pack you can find though, so it has the most up to date changes and rules.

The best deck is what you like and how you use it, there is no best deck just like water puts out fire and so on there is always a meta-deck that will always beat another meta-deck.

you can have any number above 60 cards in a deck you just have to be able to shuffle it with out assistance

That depends on if the starter deck is sealed or not. If it is open, the cards and their condition.

You just need a good deck with flying and cards that give you life

A cat of Ill Omen allows you to take a trap from your deck and place it on top of your deck, if you have necrovalley out it goes straight to hand, but you could supplement that strategy with just about any draw-based card(PoG, JoG, just nothing that requires you shuffle the deck first; it has to be an immediate draw effect) there are tons of other magic cards that allow you to add a spell from deck to hand, Spellcaster monsters are best for stuff like this( Magician of Faith for example allows magic from grave to hand, there is definitely a chance you can find a way to work around this if nothing else)

Yes, nothing stops you doing that. You can multiple, different planeswalkers in deck.

the best starter deck are squirtle sindoquil and turtwig

There is no "best" deck.

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