What is the best mashed potatoes recipe?

With milk and cheese and cream and lots of potatoes and boil the potatoes, then mash it all up real good so there's no lumps.

Another Answer

Wash potatoes thoroughly, cut off any bad spots. cut in cubes or how you would normally cut to boil. rinse. put in water to boil with salt, and 1 tsp garlic powder. when done, drain like normal, mash like normal, using butter, when well mixed, add milk to desired consistency. Add spices, sprinkle a bit more garlic powder on the potatoes, parsley and chives. Mix with the blender again. Nutritious with skins. With spices, you'll think you were in a fancy restaurant!


The above sounds so yummy I'm hungry! LOL You can also use a little chicken broth in place of the cream or Cream of Mushroom soup a little at a time mixed with the cheese and then beat until smooth and no lumps. Mmmm!