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What is the best mashed potatoes recipe?

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With milk and cheese and cream and lots of potatoes and boil the potatoes, then MASH it all up real good so there's no lumps.

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Wash potatoes thoroughly, cut off any bad spots. cut in cubes or how you would normally cut to boil. rinse. put in water to boil with salt, and 1 tsp garlic powder. when done, drain like normal, mash like normal, using butter, when well mixed, add milk to desired consistency. Add spices, sprinkle a bit more garlic powder on the potatoes, parsley and chives. Mix with the blender again. Nutritious with skins. With spices, you'll think you were in a fancy restaurant!


The above sounds so yummy I'm hungry! LOL You can also use a little chicken broth in place of the cream or Cream of Mushroom soup a little at a time mixed with the cheese and then beat until smooth and no lumps. Mmmm!

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What are the best mashed potatoes?

Idahoan Instant Mashed Potatoes are the best ever !

What potatoes are best for mashed potatoes?


What are the best potatoes to make mashed potatoes?

White potatoes

How can you fix the taste of too many onions in a mashed potato recipe?

You can add more mashed potatoes to balance the taste of the onions.

Are mashed potatoes a type of potato before mashed?

they are not. if you want to make mashed potatoes you don't buy potatoes called mashed potatoes, you buy baby red or something. then you mash them and then they are called mashed potatoes. as mashed ED as in past tense. i mashed the potatoes-past tense!!!!!!!!!!

How do you say mashed potatoes?

mashed potatoes

Where can one get a recipe for garlic mashed potatoes?

The places to find a good recipe for garlic mashed potatoes are many and varied. Some good place to try would be: Food Network, Simply Recipes, All Recipes and BBC Good Food.

Where can a person get a good homemade mashed potatoes recipe without milk?

There are quite a few recipes available for dairy free mashed potatoes. Most vegan/vegetarian recipe sites will have them. Other sites include Chow, Clean Green Simple, and Vegan Feast Kitchen also have this recipe.

What are some easy sweet potato recipes?

The easiest sweet potato recipe is probably mashed sweet potatoes, you make it just like mashed potatoes. You would boil and then mash the sweet potatoes and then add any spices you want into it.

Is mashed potatoes a vegtable?

Yes, mashed potatoes are made from potatoes and are considered a vegetable.

Do mashed potatoes conduct electricity?

yeah, scientists have figured it out. but its POTATOES not mashed potatoes

Can somebody be allergic to mashed potatoes?

There are allergies to almost anything. For mashed potatoes, though, you might consider what has gone into the mashed potatoes. If milk or milk products were ingredients and someone who has milk allergies eats the mashed potatoes, then they will appear to be allergic to mashed potatoes. If sulfite-treated potatoes are used and the consumer is allergic to sulfites, they will likely have a reaction to the mashed potatoes.

Are mashed potatoes made from potatoes?

Mashed potatoes are simply potatoes whose round solid shape has been mashed, turning it into a soft-textured " mush ".

Who likes mashed potatoes?

Almost everyone likes mashed potatoes.

Do russet potatoes make good mashed potatoes?

Yup, they make great mashed potatoes!

Can you make mashed potatoes out of sweet potatoes?

Yes they would just be mashed sweet potatoes.

Which side dish goes best with Lamb?


What are the best ways to prepare potatoes?

Baked and mashed are easiest

What is the best food you have ever tasted?

Mashed Potatoes <3

What is a sentence with the word mashed potatoes?

Please pass the mashed potatoes. Yes, I would like more mashed potatoes.

Where can one find recipes on how to make mashed potatoes?

One can find recipes on how to make mashed potatoes at simplyrecipes dot com. They are my first choice because they give clear and easy instruction and the recipe is quite good.

What is the best way to eat mashed potatoes?

After pouring gravy on the mashed potatoes, eat it all with a fork (or even mix in some pieces of meat from your plate).

Can potatoes be mashed?

Yes, mashed potatoes are very popular. They're best if you add a little milk and some salt and pepper before you mash them up.

How do you say mashed potatoes in french?

La purée is mashed potatoes in French.

Who recorded the song Mashed Potatoes?

Theres a song called mashed potatoes?!?!?

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