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the suffix -ology means the study of

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an "ology" is a subject of study

the suffix for physiology is ology, meaning the study of something

The suffix ology means 'the study of'.

The suffix -ology means the study of

That's an ~ology.And as Beattie said in the adverts for British Telecom, "you get an -~ology, you're a scientist!"

The suffix ology stands for the scientific study of a specific subject.Climatology is the study of the climate. Biology is the study of biological organisms.

-Ology is a suffix. -Ology often means the study of.

The study of something. Biology= Bio (life) + ology (study of).

"-ology" which comes from the Greek word "logos" meaning word or knowledge.

-ology is the medical suffix for "study of"

geology, zoology, astrology

no. but ology is and ology means study of the study of.

Apology, astrology, biology, chronology, ecology and geology are words. They include the suffix ology.

-ology IS the suffix. It means science. You can put various prefixes in front of it: biology, geology, psychology,

Zoo is the root and -ology is the suffix.

yes it does. -ology is from the greek origin.(:

How many different words end with with the suffix -ology?

Ology means the study of. For example: Biology - study of bio

Ology means the study of. Scope means to see or watch.

The suffix ology means the study of. The study depends on the root word. For instance, zoology is the study of animals, and geology is the study of the Earth.