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What is the best method of travel to Houston from Atlanta?


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2007-01-29 19:50:47
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I'd hop and airplane. Both are large airports and should have direct flights.


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Travelocity is a great place to search for travel discounts to Atlanta. The destination from where you are to Atlanta or from Atlanta to somewhere else, along with the time of year and week will determine how much it will cost.

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"Some websites that offer the best travel deals for Houston are: Travel Zoo, Expedia, Trip Advisor, and Cheap Flights. Be sure to sign up for the mailing lists on each of those sites to receive the latest rates and deals."

One can find the best travel deals to Houston on the "Travelocity" website. They will match online prices, even up until the day before you check in. And they will guarantee that your booking will be right, or they will work with their partners to make it right, right away.

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There are many online sites someone can use to book a room at the Hilton in Atlanta. Websites such as, Hilton, and travel advisory can be used to book a room at the Hilton in Atlanta.

Cheap flights to Houston can be found in many different places. One the best way to go is through discount travel websites and the official southwest.

You should go to Atlanta Luxury Motors. There you will be able to get the best deal that you can on a luxury vehicle in the Atlanta Area.

Most of the major hotel chains have hotels near the Atlanta airport. Best Western, Hilton, Marriott and Sheraton are a few. You can also try travel sites such as, expedia and travelocity.

The cheapest time to travel is on any Wednesday. The best time to buy tickets is Tuesday at 3pm. Other variants are time of year but these standard rules still apply.

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One of the best resources for finding cheap flights to Houston is to search the databases of a "deal finding" travel website (such as Orbitz or Hotwire). One of the better sites, however, is Kayak, as it searches across various travel websites to find the best price. Occasional one can find a cheap flight directly through the airline, but this is less common.

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