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How do you become the best lover a mans ever had?

Answer . Well.....one in the day when the man's at work you go out and buy a really sexy thong and bra. then at night (around 10pm) lead him to the bed at show it all off, then eventually maybe at like 11pm take it off and let him get all of it, then maybe have sexual intercourse

Who is col. apis?

Apis was the code name for Col. Dragutin Dimitrijevic, head of the Serbian military intelligence, who hatched the plot to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

What was the name of Troilus' lover?

The Trojan prince Troilus is in love with Cressida in "Troilus and Cressida" (1602?), but events in the Trojan War ultimately destroy their relationship.

What is a col?

It can be one of two things, 1. A high pass, 2. A ridge between two high peaks. This is only in terms of mountains.

What is the name of your secret lover?

People sometimes have pet names for their secret lovers. Names caninclude terms of endearment, such as baby, hunny, or sweetheart.

What is does Col. mean?

Gen.= General. Col. = Colonel. Ltc= Lieutenant Colonel. Maj= Major. Cpt= Captain. 1Lt=1st Lieutenant. 2Lt=2nd Lieutenant. Sgt=Sergeant. Spc=Specialist. Cpl=Corporal. Pvt=Private

What are the col?

The lowest point of a ridge or saddle between two peaks, typically affording a pass from one side of a mountain range to another. . A region of slightly elevated pressure between two anticyclones these are the two definitions of col

Are Greeks really the best lovers?

Greeks are the most sexually active\n. \n"Also on the question of how frequently couples should have sex to be satisfied, the Greeks are right at the top of the league table, with 24 per cent regarding at least five times a week as appropriate. This means that the Greeks are distinctly above the Eu ( Full Answer )

How do you get a lover?

Be yourself. If you have to act out of character to get someone, it's going to back fire on you. And when you start showing your true colors it's going to burn to ashes. So save yourself some heartache and don't put a show out just to get someone.

What is the name of the Pet lovers group?

There are many groups for pet lovers. Some are online: petlovers.com, datemypet.com, others meet in real life such as pet groups organized by Meetup.com

What are the names of Pablo Picasso's lovers?

\nFernande Olivier \n. \nEva Gouel \n. \nOlga Kokhlova wife\n. \nMarie-Thérèse Walter \n. \nDora Maar \n. \nFrancoise Gilot \n. \nJacqueline Roque wife.

What sign is the best lover in the zodiac?

Technically there is no absolute right answer for which zodiac sign is the best lover , because each sign has strengths and weaknesses in this area. Determining which sign would be the best lover for you personally is a better approach to the issue, because everyone has a different idea of what mak ( Full Answer )

How do you become the best lover he ever had?

Find out what he really wants to do, and do it. Find out what makes him feel good, and get good at doing that. Ask him what will make his dreams come true, what he always wanted to do, but was afraid to ask.

What is Enkidu's lover named?

Enkidu's lover is Shamhat. She was the temple prostitute sent to tame and tutor Enkidu before he becomes in contact with Gilgamesh.

Can i get a lover?

Yes, just wait he or she will come to you. Answer improved by: Basketballrachel. p.s. don't kill yourself, that other person was just being a weirdo.

What is the best breed of dog to have for a lover?

hi im alex i would say a german shepherd or a golden retriever for the golden r etriever u have to be willing to clean up after he/she if they shed but both dogs r gentle and love to play make sure you take for walks maybe a near by park and alway always care and s how plenty of love f ( Full Answer )

Calling your lover by anotherer person name?

it not badd to do that unless the other person name you call him by is sum one ur cheating with if not that just means that that person thinking of you or talkn about you in a way

What is another name for a horse lover?

A horse whisperer -many horse lovers understand what horses think and feel -i guess you can call them horse whisperers or even horse listners if they truly know how the horse feels and thinks -most are able to help in a good way

When on the phone with your lover what is the best thing to talk about?

Anyhthing that interests you both really. It shouldn't matter- if it was me the sheer fact that im on the phone with her hearing her cute laugh and her beautifull voice would be enough... (sorry, kinda drifted into my own girlfriend there for a minute...)

What were the names of Coco Chanels lovers?

Well, on the top of my head i Can remember Igor Stravinsky ,Etienne Balsan, Arthur"Boy"Capel,the Duke of Westminster ,and Gunther von Dincklage. Take in mind I'm only 13 so yeah.

What is the best career for a animal lover that doesnt like needles?

There are many great careers for animal lovers! The only ones involving needles are a veterinarian and a vet. technician. zookeeper, wildlife rehabilitator, wildlife biologist, naturalist, park ranger, biological technician/aide, Animal Attendant/Kennel worker, Animal behaviorist, Animal Trainer, Hu ( Full Answer )

What are the names of all the lovers in twighlight?

In twighlight, eclipsce and New moon: . Edward and Bella . Carlisle and Esme . Rosalie and Emmett In breaking dawn: . Edward and Bella . Carlise and Esme . Rosalie and Emmett . Jacob and Renesmee Love ya....

What was the name of Cleopatras lover?

History only records Cleopatra having two lovers. They were Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. History only records Cleopatra having two lovers. They were Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. History only records Cleopatra having two lovers. They were Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. History only records Cle ( Full Answer )

How do we make our woman feel she are the word's best lover?

It's really the two of you. Make her feel that it's the two of you who are making the best love. You don't really want to think of her being 'the world's best lover' with another man. And you don't want her to think that way either.

What sign is the best lover for a Pisces?

When talking love, we would also want to look at the Venus and Mars aspects as well. Though purely based on the Sun sign, I'd have to say Capricorn would be a good match. The Capricorn would act as a fertile ground for the Pisces to express itself.

What sign is the best lovers fo a Pisces?

Cancer! But scorpio, taurus and capricorn is good too. Virgo too can rock. Again all earth (taurus, capricorn, virgo) and water (scorpio, cancer, pisces) signs are compatible with each other.

How can best friends became lovers in the sims 3?

Click the sim you want to be the second lover while playing as the other lover. Under the romantic menu, you should first ask if they're single. That's optional, though. Click any of the romantic interactions (such as Amorous Hug, Flirt, Compliment Appearance), and they'll start to be interested in ( Full Answer )

What is the best instrument to play to a woo lover?

It is a matter of personal opinion and personal preference of boththe player and lover. The three most popular used for this purpose are: . Guitar (not electric) . Piano . Violin

What is col plasmid?

A plasmid (free bit of DNA) in bacteria that produces colicin tokill other strains of bacteria.

What is the name of Saint Valentine's lover?

He didn't have a lover, as he was a celibate priest. However, therewas a young blind girl(the jailer's daughter) whom he really caredabout, & his last letter to her was signed "Your Valentine."