What is the best numbing cream for tattoo?

ive tried a few creams and tbh none of them will last over an hr or so. they all do quiet a gd job but the only cream i thought was the best was super numb on ebay i found tht worked the best . i wouldnt suggest having any sprays as they wear off rather quick and they are cokecaine based and u can only use the spray so many times after tht u will be over dosing ur self like i did it made me feel sick as a pig. and i found was worse than the cream. plus u need to keep the cream on for just under 2 hrs after tht it will start to wear off but u will have pain free for about an hr or so when the cream is on wrap it up tight with cling film to keep the cream in and the heat helps to activate the cream . u can spend loads of money in trying to get a pain free tattoo but seriously it will never happen for the span of the tattoo it will always wear off and who ever says tht it dont hurt they are a lier