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What is the best paint for a bathroom ceiling over new drywall?

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Well first you would use Kilz

primer you have to prime the drywall first then any latex is what contractors use.


primer is OK, but expensive and unnecessary unless you have stains on a wall or ceiling you need to cover before paint. Any good Latex based

PVA primer is good on newly installed drywall.

2013-03-23 19:24:54
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What is the best paint for a bathroom drywall ceiling?

Drywall primer, followed by a gloss enamel.

How do you hang drywall on the ceiling?

You can build forms for putting drywall on the ceiling from 2X4's. However, they are not tremendously sturdy. Best is to rent a mechanism which will lift the drywall onto the ceiling and then secure it using nails or screws.

What is the best paint for bathroom ceiling subject to high moisture?

Use a semi-gloss latex enamel (or higher sheen) to avoid staining on the ceiling.

What is the best type of ceiling?

A drywall ceiling, provides the best type of ceiling for work. It provides a great look, noise level reduction versus a tile ceiling and is inexpensive to install.

Which type of lighting is best for a bathroom ceiling?

The best lighting for a bathroom ceiling is a hanging light fixture with more than one bulb. You don't want all of the light in your bathroom to come from a single bulb.

What is the best brand of primer for bathroom drywall?

Kilz Low VOC Interior Oil primer is best.

Can you paint drywall with spray paint?

When applying paint to drywall, you can use a brush, roller, or paint sprayer. Spraying paint is the quickest method, provides the best coverage, and makes your paint go the furthest. You are not limited in any way in your paint choice when using a sprayer.

Best paint finish when painting a bathroom?

When you are painting a bathroom you need to use a water resistant paint finish. There are many different brands, but as long as you get a water resistant finish you will not have problems with your bathroom paint.

What paint is best for a bathroom?

enamel so it can be washed.

Best colors for ceiling paint kitchens?

purple and yellow and gray/black

What kind of paint is best to use as a surface finish on drywall?

There are several types of paint you can use depending on the result you would like to achieve and the area you are covering. Matt, eggshell, satin and gloss all can be used on drywall with different finishes.

How to paint over drywall?

When you want to paint over drywall you want to make sure any scars or gouges are filled. Make sure that any marks made by pen or what not is primered so it doesn't bleed through. Your best bet would to be spray and texture the rock, and then paint.

How do you apply drywall to ceilings?

The easiest way is to have a partner and two drywall horses. Pin the sheet to the ceiling with your heads and nail the perimeter and best result is to have a follow up guy to screw it off as you and your partner hang.

Which paint brush is best to use for cutting in paint along the wall near the ceiling?

The brush should be small and you should tape the ceiling to protect it but otherwise the brush doesn't matter much.

Can you paint oil base paint over latex?

Yes you can. Best sand it lightly for for any bumps - I use a regular drywall sander on a 5ft. pole for this.

Do you paint the room or trim first?

As gravity tends to make drips etc fall it is best to paint your ceiling, then your walls, then your trim.

How do you remove popcorn texture from a ceiling or wall?

If the ceiling does not have a coat of sprayed-on paint, you can simply use a garden sprayer to lightly mist the ceiling to re-wet the texture. Only wet the size of an area that you can work with before it dries. Then take a 6" - 10" drywall knife and lightly scrape off the texture - but use care in this process because your ceiling is wet and can scratch easily. You may want to use a plastic putty knife to be safe.Once the texture has been removed from the ceiling, it is likely that you will need to sand the surface to give it a final, smooth surface (unless you plan on applying a different type of drywall texture finish).Just remember...textured ceilings hide small imperfections, so if you are going to leave the ceiling smooth, it is best to use a flat-sheen ceiling paint because anything else will show some of those imperfections!

How much weight can one half inch drywall hold with a drywall anchor in the ceiling?

If there's any question about whether or not a drywall anchor will hold on the ceiling, the best thing to do would be to find a ceiling joist and use a long screw to go into solid wood. (Use a stud finder to locate the joist.) Hanging on a ceiling is more dangerous than hanging on a wall since things that fall can fall on people or pets. If you HAVE to hang just in drywall, use the strongest anchor you can get (i.e. one that expands like a butterfly after insertion, or the type that flares out like a flower when you tighten it). Your local hardware store can help with what's a reasonable weight limit.

What is a durable paint to use in a bathroom?

To paint a bath room you will need a interior paint. Any paint with lead base in it should do the job just fine. The best paint for a bathroom would be latex because they wipe down easily. Avoid lead paints because of the health risks!

What is the best colour to paint adjoining bathroom that has bedroom in deep garnet?

grey or silver

What is the best type of paint to use on bathroom ceilings?

Definitely a gloss or semi-gloss, as these types of paint resist moisture and peeling.

How do you touch up ceiling paint?

It helps to have the same paint that was used to paint the ceiling in the first place. Next best option is knowing the exact color and product the paint was in. Next to impossible is buying a can of "ceiling paint" and using that. There are way to many different shades and sheens of ceiling paint to guess. Thin out the paint approx one ounce of water or thinner, depending on the paint base, to eight ounces of paint. Brush or roll the area that is being touched up, then feather out the edges of the paint so that it blends into the existing paint. Feather out means to spread the paint along the edge of the touch up area into the surrounding area so that the touch up doesn't have a hard edge.

Which type of wall paint is best for a bathroom?

Both types of paint can work depending on the bathroom. However if the painted area is going to be exposed to a lot of moisture, latex based may be the better option.

Where would be the best place to install a ceiling fan in the bathroom?

Ceiling fans in bathrooms are usually installed in the centre of the room. This way the whole room will get an even extraction and change of air.

What is best paint finish for bathroom?

A semi gloss or gloss in oil is the most damp resistant.