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The lightness or darkness of a color

What is a line that is drawn to show the edge and surface ridges of an object

Strategically applying random amounts of dots to achieve value

A framework that is used to help support the construction of a sloped roof

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Q: What is the best paint for and wood crafts?
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What kind of paint do you use on wood crafts?

Acrylic paint is used on wood crafts. Go to a craft store and they have hundreds of colors.

Can you use children's paint to paint on wood crafts?

"Children's paint" isn't very descriptive. You'd need to specify an actual type of paint or, better yet, ask a worker at the place where you bought the paint if it works on wood.

Does paint or varnish preserve wood best?

Varnish preserves wood better than paint.

What is the best paint for balsa wood?

I use TiteBond 2 for balsa wood.

What is the best type of wood to paint?


Where do they sell paint?

most crafts store if your looking for craft paint for crafts if your lookin for house paint i'd go to home depo or mijer

What paint is best for wood?

you should not paint wood -- you should stain it to show off its natural beauty. If you must paint it, however, you can use any quality latex paint or, if the wood will be exposed to weather, oil-base paint. In either case, bare wood should be primed first. If the wood will be exposed to weather or damp locations, it's a good idea to prime all sides, not just the one that shows.

How do you clean dried paint off wood molding?

Paint can be cleaned off of wood molding best while the paint is wet. If the paint is dried, the paint can be scarped off of most wood surfaces. This should be done with care due to possible damage. A paint cleaning solution can be used to prevent damage to the wood molding.

What way is there to best treat my wood siding with paint?

First of all you have to go to the paint isle, and look for exterior paint. Then you will look for the outdoor paint that has wood treatment in it. The last thing to do is to pick out your color.

What kind of surfaces does Elmers glue work on best?

Elmers glue works best on wood,paper,art and crafts,cards. from princessbobo10

What is the best way to paint wood without a sprayer?

Use a block brush if it is a coarsely textured wood; otherwise, a roller will work best.