What is the best prank to do to someone that is sleeping?

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most original either put both hands in cup of warm water or shaving cream in the hand then tickel their nose with a feather. dont forget to saran wrap them to their bed before you warm water their hands!
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What pranks can you play on people when they sleep over?

Some fun pranks to try include: . This fun to do but you must have lots of empty cans (or whatever makes lots of noise when knocked over.) . Cover the doorway in newspaper so that when the door is openall you can see is newspaper. . Stack the empty cans on the other side of the door. . When t ( Full Answer )

What do you do if someone keeps prank calling you?

Answer . Being the target of abusive and threatening phone calls can be distressing. . In most cases the caller will be known to you. Who might bear a grudge against you, however slight? A jilted lover, and ex-partner, a former friend, a sibling, an in-law, an ex-employee, a troublesome neighbour? ( Full Answer )

What is the best prank?

When Someone is sleeping, spray whipped cream or shaving cream (or something of that texture) on to their hand. Then, blow on their face or get a feather and rub it on their cheek so they put their hand up to their face and get cream all over them... its HEAPS FUNNY ! Um isn't that a raid? Hi it ( Full Answer )

How do you prank someone?

well, when they are sleeping, you can write on their face. you can put a mustache & a beard! that would be so fun & funny!!!!!!!!! you can also get them sit on their chair you pull it out pull it to far and then tell them to sit down they'll probably fall on the ground. i tried it and it works H ( Full Answer )

How do you prank someone in their sleep?

easiest thing to do - put some shaving cream on their hand and tickle their nose. I have also seen something on an episode of House where House puts Wilson's hand in a bucket of water when he is sleeping but i didn't get it In the night, put their hands in luke warm water. This will make them wet t ( Full Answer )

Pranks for sleeping people?

put hands in ice water. One hand in cold water, one hand in warm water. It is suppose to make the sleeper wet his pants but make sure it is not in your bed make sure it is on the floor so it will not stink and make a yellow spot in the floor okay try it i am going to do it to my sister and cousin

What is a good prank to do on your sister when she's sleeping?

well you could draw on her face with permenit marker or makeup . or you could cut some of her hair off . crack an egg on her face . get some whipped cream andpu in her hand and the tickle her nose with a feather . look there is so much things. have fun. well you could draw on her face with pe ( Full Answer )

Pranks for sleeping over GIRLS?

you can duct tape your friends fingers,toes,legs,arms,together-that is really funny when they wake up give someone a sleepover makeover put a doll under the arm of a sleeping buddy, put makeup on the sleeping buddy, and make it look like your friend is cuddling with the doll put mashed pota ( Full Answer )

What is a good prank to pull on someone?

This prank is freaky and funny at the same time. When your friend, sister, or brother is sleeping get a big box and some grass and put it over them in their sleep. When they wake up it will look like they are buried under ground. it happened to me and trust me i sleep with 1 eye open now. * Prank ( Full Answer )

What is the Best prank on sleeping kid?

At the girl's sleepover at my school, they drew on all the popular girl's faces. This is probably the best prank you can pull on a sleeping kid. The funny thing about this prank is that the victim will never know what they will wake up to! My friend Shelby woke up with the words: "I ate Skittles for ( Full Answer )

What pranks can you pull on someone asleep?

Draw something on their face, but make sure you don't wake them whilst doing so. but if you do it will probably burn in the morning while taking it off.!.!.

How can i pull Pranks on sleeping brothers?

If you really want to be mean try putting hot water in a cup and dipping their hand in. Doing this will make them urinate on themselves. Have fun

What is a good sleeping prank?

Put clear food rap across the door of the room then go and make a bunch of loud noices in another room. Then that person will wake up and run right into the rap on the door entrance. And if you want you can put some slippery stuff on the floor but that's only if you wanna risk an ass beating lol Li ( Full Answer )

How do you prank sleeping parent?

I think a fun prank to pull on a sleeping parent is to pour gas all around their bed. Then, you lite it with a match and watch as they can't get out! It's SOOOOOOO fun!!! VERY DANGEROUS . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Full Answer )

What are some sleep pranks?

hi there are quite a few good ones I have gained over the years . Put there hand in a glass of water this stimulates the need of going to the toilet and by the morning they might have wet the bed . wear a Halloween mask and dim the lights really low go right close to their face then wake them up ( Full Answer )

How do you prank text someone?

Put your underwear over your head and say "Hahahaha prank prank text ah prank prank test baby!"

Good sleep over pranks for kids?

try putting some squirty cream on a sleeping kids hand and ticklethe kids nose with a feather and then spat the kid gets cream all over his face

Pranks to pull while someone is sleeping?

put them in the shower naked, draw on them especially their face, antique them(take a hand full of flour and throw it in their face), put a low table on the bed above their head and make a loud noise so they bang their head, saran wrap them to the bed, hand in warm water so they pee, put honey or an ( Full Answer )

What is meant by a 'prank call' to someone?

A prank is a practical joke, a humorous trick played on someone. A 'call' is a telephone call. A 'prank call' is a mischievous telephone call to someone, perhaps pretending to be someone else! Prank calls to friends might be fun if the joke is quickly understood as being funny, and is not n ( Full Answer )

Harmless and easy sleep over pranks?

Ahh i am so glad you asked ok i have a list for you Most of these are for people that are asleep . Toothpaste on the back or arms or where ever you fancy. then act like everyones asleep . whipped cream on plliow. Also pretend to be assleep . (This one must be done with much planning) Ipod headp ( Full Answer )

How do you prank your sister when she is sleep?

You can do the classic, ''Whip Cream" trick, or put a rubber rat on her chest, and she will freak out. lol You can also do the fake poop scam. I learned that ok this is how you do it Take a toilet paper roll make it wet rip it up to shreds but the shreds in your hand and squeeze then put it in ( Full Answer )

What pranks can you pull on someone sleeping?

When the person is asleep, put whipped cream, toothpaste, or shaving cream in their hand. Then use a feather or string to tickle their face. They will slap their face. . If it is a boy you could put make-up on their face. . I tried this prank it is very funny, What you need is: . A sleeping pers ( Full Answer )

How you prank call someone?

Here i now most of the tricks and trades of this industry my friend MOST IMPORTANT!!!! never reveal your true voice. . create a wacky concept that would really get on someones nerves. I often use the trick where you play wierd music or act really stupid. BE creative . Dont let up. Even if you k ( Full Answer )

How do you pull pranks on sleeping people?

there are lots of ways the worst i no is when you get water balloons fill them and then leave them near the person if this person is person who moves alot when there sleeeping then he will crush the balloons and then he will get soaked! XD

Pranks to do at brother when sleeping?

dip his hand in warm water. it will make him pee... you can always just spraypaint him too..possibly in the back of his hair or neck so that everyone else will see it but he wont... Itching powder all time favourite..

What pranks can you pull on your sister when she is sleeping?

well number one put some books under the cover of your sisters pillow number 2 you can put see through plastic wrap like you use for food and put it on the toilet and it will be a big mess number 3 if you have a coat hanger or a pole you can stand up then put a face like material and clothes t ( Full Answer )

What are the best pranks that you can do?

Surprise! Put snickers and toilet paper in all d toilets and bathtubs/showers. Juice or Water? Fill a glass with water. Add food dye so it matches the color of whatever juice you have in your refrigerator. Serve the "juice" to your family. They will be expecting something sweet and getting wa ( Full Answer )

What is the best way for someone that has fibromyalgia to sleep at night?

Two Hours at a time, I have had Fibromyalgia for 17 years and have found it harder and harder to sleep. Over time I sleep less and less. No position, no medicine has helped me to sleep, maybe at first but only for a short time. I found I get the most and best sleep either on my adjustable bed or my ( Full Answer )

How do you pull a funny prank on someone?

If your friend asks for green tea ice-cream, give them wasabi covered with a little bit of green tea ice-cream. Write random signs on paper, and send it in the mail to a neighbor.

How can you prank someone who is driving?

You can find a rubber spider or rubber insect either put it on a stick and slowly make it approach towards drivers neck. Or you could have a plain fake insect or real dead ones and when the driver gets out to do something stick them right in plain sight but make it look real. Maybe like on the steer ( Full Answer )

How do you pull pranks on someone on their computer?

Theres a Face Book prank I know first go to settings find thesetting where u choose who can see your posts to only me this ismost affective for a person who loves facebook like a teenagerthey'll freak out because they'll wonder why no ones likeing thereposts or commenting) hope this is usefull for t ( Full Answer )

How do you prank people why sleep?

1. Draw on their face. 2. Do their hair funny. 3. Dip their hand in warm water. (They might wet their pants!) 4. Pour ICE COLD water on them.

How do you pull a prank on people who are sleeping?

put a loaded mouse trap on you victims phone and call it (works best at midnight so their too sleepy to open their eyes) stand back and whatch as they jump and yell in pain muhahahahaha

What are funny pranks to do when someone is asleep?

Ya know. The original... Put shaving cream of one, or both, hands of the person sleeping.Then, with a feather, slightly tickle them on their cheek. And havea good laugh. P.S. Don't forget to record it.

What best pranks can you play on people when they sleep over?

knocked over.) . Cover the doorway in newspaper so that when the door is open all you can see is newspaper. . Stack the empty cans on the other side of the door. . When the person wakes up they will push through the paper and cause a massive crash of cans. . This will work out when you sleep w ( Full Answer )

How do you prank someone with nail polish?

if there wearing white clothes coat their seat in black polish or u can put it in there tooth paste or in there shampoo or put it in the washing machine werar u usualy put the clothes softner dont do it though its dangerous to mess with flammable chemicals

How do you prank someone with silly string?

while they are asleppcover there whole room wall to wall in silly string when they wake up the will not know where they are and try getting a red silly string it is much scarier and effective

What pranks can you do to people while they are sleeping?

This fun to do but you must have lots of empty cans (or whatever makes lots of noise when knocked over.) . Cover the doorway in newspaper so that when the door is openall you can see is newspaper. . Stack the empty cans on the other side of the door. . When the person wakes up they will push th ( Full Answer )

How do you popcorn prank someone?

There are two ways to do that type of prank. The first is to have a hydraulic under their chair, preferable a couch or something that they sink in to. This is a dangerous type of prank and should only be done by someone that knows about PSI (pounds per square inch) and how much force is needed to ( Full Answer )

What are the best sleeping pranks to play on teenage girls?

Cover the toilet seat in cling film so when they get up for a pee in the night they get a wet surprise. Cover toilet seat in honey or syrup for sticky legs. You could write messages on their faces with lipstick or soft eye pencil or add a moustache when they are asleep. Finally you could set several ( Full Answer )

How do you prank someone super smart?

You should first try to find their weakness. In my case, I'm really smart, but, of course, I have a weakness. Usual weaknesses aren't just poking someone in the sides, as that is not the weakness I'm trying to explain. Watch them stealthily, try not to be spotted, and go around being as a ninja and ( Full Answer )