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Deoxys is the best psychic Pokemon by stats.
Mew! Trust me. I have one, and it ROCKS!!! The only way you can get one is by special distribution events. The best moves you can teach it are


Aura Sphere

Shadow Ball

Fire Blast

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How do you get a psychic move on Pokemon sapphire?

If your talking about psychic pokemon, most get confusion and psychic (best in game) by leveling up to like second evolution. Psychic tms are pretty rare, but I always find a psychic somewhere during the game. Most psychic moves are best if your pokemon is good for them, in which you'll get them by training. Hope this helped!

What is the best psychic Pokemon not legendary?

That is Alakazam

What type works best against psychic Pokemon?

There are 3 types that work best against psychic Pokemon: Bug,Rock,Ghost, and Dark.

How do you difite lorelei and Bruno and Agatha?

Lorelei has Ice and Water type pokemon, the best way to defeat her pokemon is to use Electric type pokemon or pokemon that have Electric type moves. Bruno has Fighting type pokemon and two Rock/Ground types, the best way to defeat his pokemon is to use Psychic pokemon or pokemon that have Psychic type moves. Agatha has Ghost and Poison type pokemon, the best way to defeat her pokemon is to also use Psychic type pokemon or pokemon with Psychic type attacks.

Which Pokemon ball is best to catch a psychic Pokemon in platinum?

master ball

How to defeat the fushia city gym leader easily on Pokemon LeafGreen?

That's easy, use psychic or ground pokemon. But psychic are the best.

What are the best balls for catching psychic Pokemon?

a luxry ball

What is pychic Pokemon strong agains?

Psychic Pokemon are strong against fighting and posion types, but they are weak against dark type. The best basic psychic Pokemon is Alakazam

What is the best Psychic Pokemon to choose in Sapphire?

the best Pokemon to choose early inn the game are Abra and ralts.

What is the weakness of psychic in Pokemon?

the weakness of psychic Pokemon are dark and bug Pokemon.

What pokemon are the best against psychic?

Dark types. I like houndoom.

Is there a psychic and poison type Pokemon?

No, there is no Psychic/Poison-type Pokemon.

What is the best psychic Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

The best psychic Pokemon on Pokemon diamond is alakazam. It can beat an infernape level 100. who carez about a dull looking Pokemon with two unusually big mustaches... ew... but I like Lugia and Espeon... and Gallade... and Gardevoir... bronzong all the way haha

What are psychic type pokemon weak against?

psychic type pokemon are weak against psychic steel and dark

What type beats poison in Pokemon?

Ground Type moves as well as Psychic Type moves are super effective on a Poison Type pokemon.

What type of Pokemon is Abra?

psychic psychic

What is the weakness of a physcic Pokemon?

Psychic type Pokemon are weak to Dark, Bug and Ghost type moves. Psychic Pokemon can also struggle against Steel types as not all Psychic Pokemon can learn moves effective against them. Overall the best type to use against Psychic types is the Dark type. Since the Dark type is not only super effective against them but is also immune to Psychic moves.

What is the best psychic pokemon to have in emerald?

Gardevoir. It has very high special attack.

What are psychic Pokemon weak to?

Psychic Pokemon are weak against Bug, Dark and Ghost.

What kills psychic Pokemon?

what is evective agenst psychic

What is the best psychic type Pokemon?

i believe it is mewtwo or arceus if its holding the psych plate

What ' s the best Pokemon stragety?

By Strategy, if you mean best team of Pokemon, i recommend a solid team with a Dark,Psychic,Dragon,Water,Fire, and a Fighting Pokemon.

What are psychic type Pokemon weak against in Pokemon sapphire?

Psychic Pokemon, as well as in any other Pokemon game are weak to the types; Bug, Dark, and Ghost. However, Psychic has no effect at all on Dark Pokemon.

How do you get an psychic TM on Pokemon FireRed?

TM25 which contains the move Psychic is given by Mr Psychic in Saffron City. Mr Psychic lives in a house to the right of the Pokemon Center.

What type Pokemon LeafGreen is espeon?

Espeon is the psychic evolved form of Eevee. It is a psychic pokemon.

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