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The fastest route is Hwy 580 east then south and pick up I-5 south. The scenic route is 101 south which then turns east at Oxnard. Allow 5-6 hours of drive time and comfort stops. Distance:

The direct distance between Las Vegas, Nevada and San Francisco, California is 420 miles (676 km).

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Q: What is the best route from San Francisco to Las Vegas?
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Which distance is farther Los Angeles to Las Vegas or Las Vegas to San Francisco?

Las Vegas to San Francisco.

How long does it take to drive from san fransisco to Las Vegas?

Driving from San Francisco to Las Vegas will take 9 to 10 hours depending on the route you take and the traffic. However, a flight to Las Vegas from San Francisco may take as little as an hour and twenty minutes.

Best route from Phoenix to Vegas?

It is always good to be informed of the best route between cities when traveling. The best Route miles and time wise, from Phoenix, AZ to Las Vegas, NV, is Route US-93 North.

What is the shortcut from San Francisco to Las Vegas?

The fastest way to get from San Francisco to Las Vegas is by using I-5 in California. You can then travel on I-15 N from there to reach Las Vegas, NV.

Is Las Vegas in San Francisco?

I have no idea where you got the notion that Las Vegas was in any city, but your answer is no. Las Vegas is in Nevada. San Francisco doesn't even have any casinos in it.

Which distance is longer LA to Las Vegas or LA to San Francisco?

It is farther to San Francisco from Los Angeles then is the drive to Las Vegas.

Driving distance from las Vegas to san francisco?

The driving distance from Las Vegas, NV, USA to San Francisco, CA, USA is 567.44mi / 913.21km

The distance in miles or kilometers driving on roads from San Francisco to Las Vegas?

The driving distance from San Francisco, CA, to Las Vegas, NV, is 568mi / 914km

Best hotel in Las Vegas?

Wynn Las Vegas Hotel is the best option to live.

How do you drive from san francisco to las Vegas?

in a car

How long is the drive from San Francisco California to Las Vegas Nevada?

It is a distance of 579 miles, it should take about 9 hours to drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas.

What are the best things for kids to do in Las Vegas?

well the best thing in las Vegas is the national parks

What is the best casino in Las Vegas?

Bellagio is definitely the best casino in Las Vegas

How many miles is it from Las Vegas to San Francisco?

Hi, could you tell me how far it is from Las Vegas to San Francisco and the approximate flying time?

Best travel route between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City?

The I-15 via Las Vegas.

What is the best route to Las Vegas from LAX Airport?

105 e 605 n 10 e 15n

How do you describe San Francisco?

Alike like Las vegas

How many miles from Las Vegas to san francisco?

It is 573.8 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada San Francisco, California. To drive, it would take approximately 8 hours and 35 minutes.

Can you drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas and return in 3 days?

Yes, the drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas is 571 mi - about 8 hours 45 mins.

What is the best Amtrak route from Jacksonville Florida to Las Vegas Nevada?

I am a with some senior person with some disable and want to take a trip. were most of my stay in on the train. would to go Las Vegas or to the canaon

Which wedding chapel offers the best deals for a wedding in Las Vegas.?

'The Garden Chapel' in Las Vegas was voted the best wedding chapel in Las Vegas in 2011. It provides the best packages and the lowest prices for what you get.

Which website has the best deals on Las Vegas airfare?

Check out .It has some of the best offers for Las Vegas airfare

What is there to see between Las Vegas and San Francisco?

Death Valley is an attraction that can be seen traveling between Las Vegas and San Francisco. Some other sites to see are Yosemite and the Grand Canon.

What are the best honeymoon hotels in Las Vegas?

The best honeymoon hotels in Las Vegas would most likely be the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel, The Venetian Resort Hotel and the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Most hotels there offer a great experience for honeymoons.

Is Los Angeles California to Las Vegas Nevada further then Los Angeles to San Francisco California?

Las Vegas is closer to Los Angeles.