What is the best school in Hampshire England?


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The best primary school is Abbotswood Junior School Ringwood Road, Totton, Southampton, SO40 8EB Tel: 023 80863159

The best state senior school is Yateley School.

Tel: 01252 879222

Address: School Lane Yateley


Post code: GU46 6NW



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The Arnewood School is located in New Milton in southwest Hampshire in England.

New Hampshire School of Ballet (NHSB) in Hooksett, NH New Hampshire School of Ballet (NHSB) in Hooksett, NH

Hampshire is a county in Southern England its captial is Winchester.

Hampshire was a place in England

New Hampshire was named for Hampshire, a shire in England.

The New England colonies consisting of Massachusetts, New Hampshire Rhode Island, and Connecticut were best known for their farming and fishing.

New Hampshire got it's name from Hampshire, England.

New Hampshire - Hampshire England New York - York England New Jersey - Jersey England

Kyloias: No that is wrong the best school in England is Colchester Royal Grammar School. You must pass the 11+ to go there. I did mine last year and recently received infomation that I passed. This means I am going to Colchester Royal Grammar School, the best school in England.

The name comes from Hampshire England

New HampshireNew Hampshire, a name derived from that of the county ofHampshire, in England,

It was named after Hampshire county in England, hence "New" Hampshire.

In England there is a county called Hampshire.

Hampshire Country School was created in 1948.

The County of Hampshire in southern England.

The state of New Hampshire was named for Hampshire, England, one of the shires of England.

Colchester Royal Grammar School.

all of the new England colonies were founded for England including new Hampshire. it was the "new" Hampshire, which is an English county still here today.

It was named in honor of the southern county of Hampshire England.

Hampshire means "at home' or "welcomed". Like the Hampshire in England. New Hampshire was named after Hampshire because they were welcoming a new state or area.

The 2nd Best Secondry school in England is Comberton Village Collage it is located in Cambridgeshire in a village called Comberton.

It was named for Hampshire County in southern England.

In Hampshire in England.

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