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there are some chemical engineering degree online. if you are prepare to go to school you can go the the website to searcher for the best school that offer that course.

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Q: What is the best school to earn a chemical engineering degree?
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What is the best school for a degree in mechanical engineering?


How can people start chemical engineering careers?

The best way to start a career in chemical engineering is to obtain a college degree in chemical engineering or an associated subject. Larger chemical engineering firms may also have apprenticeship schemes for those who do not wish to go to college.

What type of engineering is the best?

Chemical engineering

What is best field in engineering in pakistan?

chemical engineering is best

What are the entry requirements for engineering school?

The best way to ensure admittance into an engineering school is to have a lot of math and science courses in your educational background. After getting an Associates degree, you would need to apply to a school which has an engineering program.

What is the best engineering degree to have in the petro chemical gulf coast area of Houston Texas?

IMHO, mechanical or chemical engineering degrees would provide a strong background that utlizes the businesses that would be concentrated there.

Which is best group in engineering?

Aeronautical engineering or chemical engineering is GOOD

What are the best subjects to take for a degree in engineering?

Physics,Engineering Studies(if your school has it),Mathematics(2 unit maths) preferably Extension 1 maths

Which one is better chemical engg or electronics and communication engineering?

Chemical engineering is ok, but Materials Engineering is the best :)

Which engineering field is best for girls?

bioengineering and chemical engineering

What kind of degree do you have to get to go into chemical engineering?

B.E Chemical Engineering is a UG program in Engineering. B.E Chemical Engineering is a four-year course. Chemical engineering is the study of chemistry, physics, and mathematics along with economics to the processes carried out to efficiently produce, transform chemicals, materials, and energy. Chemical engineering has a good scope in career. Eligibility criteria for chemical engineering course given below: 1.12th pass with chemistry, physics, and mathematics or biology 2.Some colleges have an entrance exam. If you are looking for admissions to the best college then Campushunt will help you to get the best college for your higher studies. Campushunt provides a quick admission for students and they bring students to visit colleges before getting admission. In my opinion, MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology is one of the best engineering colleges in India. MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology provides a good placement for students while they are in the last year itself.

What degree should you get if you want to design cars and what would be the best school to get it at?

A degree in engineering would be your best bet. Probably either a degree in mechanical or general engineering. As to the second half of the question that all depends on personal preference, where you live, what your GPA was/is and what your SAT/ACT score is.

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