What is the best score in farkle on Facebook?

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2011-07-10 09:55:35

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The best score on the dice game, Farkle, on Facebook is 10,650 broken by a 17 year old named William Bishop

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2011-07-10 09:55:35
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Q: What is the best score in farkle on Facebook?
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Is farkle on Facebook a form of gambling?


Can you play farkle with out signing up to Facebook?

Facebook has licensed the "Farkle Magic" game, complete with invitations and "chip totals" (extra turns). But there is a simplified version Farkle Online, and still another version at (these don't share the rules or scoring of the Facebook version).

How do you send farkle points to friends?

you type in farkle on the search bar on facebook and click on the first one, then click on go to application and a screen will pop up and it will say send chips gift invite friends etc.

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You can write it down, then go to facebook and say 'on temple run, I got ______ for my score!!'

Is there a way to cheat at the Farkle game?


What are the rules of the Farkle dice game?

Farkle has been described as a game as popular as Yahtzee. The rules of Farkle are simple, one needs to obtain the most points first. The 'How Do You Play It' website offers more explanation of these rules.

How do you make your score in UNO boost on facebook?

u dont make a score, u play the game an get a score

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I think the highest score in Temple Run is 750 Million.......

What is the highest score of Bejeweled on Facebook?

806,250 by Matt Johnson

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