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An arch will stand most force.

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What is the best shape to use for a bridge?

The truss bridge or an arch bridge.

What is the best shape for building a bridge?

triangleANS 2 - There is no 'best shape' - each bridge is designed for a particular place and can be almost any kind of construction.

Is a triangle a good shape to make a bridge with?

yes because the pressure or weight on the bridge pushes down and the weight goes down the two sides. the triangle is best when it is in the downward "V" shape.

What shape has best section modulus?

The answer depends of the forces applied to the beam: - for a single-directional force, the answer is a hollow rectangular shape (with the force applied on the narrow face); an I-beam is the second best. - For forces applied in two perpendicular directions, the answer is a hollow square section. - For forces applied from any direction, the answer is a hollow circular bar - a pipe.

What geographical term best describes the shape of India?

"The shape of india" best describes the shape of India. There is not really a particular term to describe that particular shape.

What is the best shape for a rose vase?

Typically, the best shape for a rose vase is tall and slender.

Which type of rectifier is the best one?

bridge rectifier is the best rectifier.

What types of beams distribute the load on a bridge best?

It would depend on the type of bridge construction.

What is the name of the bridge in New York?

There are many bridges in New York. Some of the best known ones are Brooklyn Bridge, the George Washington Bridge and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

What is the strongest toothpick bridge design?

The best bridge design is a triangular bridge design look it up on wiki if u dont know

What is the best bridge structure?

indeterminate structure

What is a gliders best shape?

A glider's best shape would probably be a triangle, because the glider must be aerodynamic to preform best.

What will hold dirt the best a toothpick tower or a toothpick bridge?

A toothpick bridge, if you make it just right. :)

What is the best material to make a bridge with?

Either conreat or wood is the best mater not others . some exaples of good materials for a bridge is brick , steel titaim

Does the force of compression act on the Tower Bridge?

Compressive and tensile forces are present in all bridges, and it is the job of engineers to design bridges capable of withstanding these forces without buckling or snapping. Buckling occurs when compressive forces overcome an object's ability to handle compression, and snapping occurs when the tensile forces overcome an object's ability to handle tension. The best way to deal with these forces is to either dissipate them or transfer them. To dissipate force is to spread it out over a greater area, so that no one spot has to bear the brunt of the concentrated force. To transfer force is to move it from an area of weakness to an area of strength, an area designed to handle the force. An arch bridge is a good example of dissipation, while a suspension bridge is a good example of transference. Figures 6 and 7 illustrate tension and compression forces acting on three bridge types.

How do you get in shape for a soccer midfielder?

The best way to get in shape for a soccer midfielder is to exercise. Running exercises are best for this sport.

What is the lightest and strongest popsical stick bridge design and why?

A truss bridge has the best weight to strength ratio.The triangulation of the popsicle sticks strengthens the whole bridge

What is the best police force in Canada?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the best Police Force in Canada since it is the largest Force of all.

What you pay to cross a bridge?

Toll. Which bridge? Prices vary depending which bridge you want to cross.

What does spartan stand for in halo?

Special Proficency Assault Recon and Tactics Augmented Non-Convential forceAllso Spartans where the best woriors in all of history. this is continued into the game

What is the best wing shape for a airplane?

The best wing shape for sn airplane is like a triangle because it fly straight

Is the parabola nose cone the best for a model rocket?

Yes. For rockets flying at supersponic or hypersonic speeds, the best shape is the conical nose. For missiles and military models, the best shape is the ogive shape. However, for commercial aircraft and model rockets, the best, most aerodynamic and efficient shape is the parabolic nose cone.

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