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Q: What is the best sleeping bag made of?
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What sleeping bag is the best for below zero weather?

If you are going to be staying outside in weather that is below zero, then finding a well insulated sleeping bag will be important. Try finding a sleeping bag that is not made from cotton.

Which sleeping bag comfort level is best for summer?

During the summer the best choice of sleeping bag is one that is light and thin. Which may be the least comfortable but with keep you from sweating at night.

Jim's sleeping bag is 5 feet long. jorge's sleeping bag is 2 yards long.steve's sleeping bag is 68 inches long. Whose sleeping bag is the longest?

Jim's bag is 60 inches long, Jorge's sleeping bag is 72 inches long, and Steve's sleeping bag is 68 inches long. Jorge's sleeping bag is the longest.

What sleeping bag will protect me the best while camping?

The type of sleeping bag that you will need to get will greatly depend on the elements or weather conditions you will be camping in. I have found that a down filled sleeping bag is light to carry but can be very good for keeping warm.

Are there sleeping bags that are made for two people?

yes. other wise known as double sleeping bag or 2 person bag. This sleeping bag provides enough space for 2 people and still delivers the same comfort as one.

Whats the lightest sleeping bag for travel?

The lightest sleeping bag for travel is the Stansport Redwood Ultra Light Sleeping Bag. It works just as effectively as any other sleeping bag and is still comfy.

What do you undo to open a sleeping bag?

You undo a zip to open a sleeping bag.

When was Sleeping Bag Records created?

Sleeping Bag Records was created in 1981.

Does the meteor ReI hiking bag have a sleeping bag pocket?

Yes, it has a front zip pocket for a sleeping bag. There is also a flap inside, that rests on top of the bag, that can be unzipped to allow for a larger sleeping bag.

Do sleeping bags keep you warm enough to avoid hypothermia?

That depends on the sleeping bag itself. Any sleeping bag that is made for camping in un-harsh conditions would not keep you warm enough in mountain areas.

How do you spell sleeping bag?

That is the correct spelling of "sleeping bag" (bedroll, sleep sack).

How long is a sleeping bag for the average sized man?

The average sleeping bag is 75 inches long. However, different sizes of sleeping bags can be found, depending on what kind of sleeping bag is needed.

When was Sleeping Bag - song - created?

Sleeping Bag - song - was created in 1985.

How much do sleeping bags cost?

Single sleeping bags start at $20. But if you're looking for a more rugged sleeping bag suitable for zero degree temperatures like a mummy bag, you'll pay closer to $50. Double sleeping bags start around $90 and go up to $130. Kelty and Coleman are the best known and bestselling sleeping bag manufacturers.

What sleeping bags for kids are best for outdoor use?

Some of the best sleeping bags for kids are the Big Agnes by Wolverine, Tigger by North Face, Kindercore by REI, and the Kids Minnow Sleeping Bag by Eureka.

Is sleeping an adjective?

It can be used as an adjective (it is the present participle of to sleep). Note that in "a sleeping child" it is an adjective, while in "a sleeping bag" it is a noun adjunct (bag used for sleeping).

Who invented the sleeping bag?

In 1861, Francis Fox Tuckett tested a prototype Alpine sleeping bag

Is a bed roll the same as a sleeping bag?

No, a bed roll is a ground mat which the sleeping bag sits on.

Where can I purchase a lightweight sleeping bag suitable for summer temperatures?

You can find a lightweight sleeping bag that is suitable for summer temperatures at The CW Gear lightweight sleeping bag runs for about $16.

What is the down in a sleeping bag?

depends on the sleeping bag, MEC bags are usually duck down, but some are goose.

How much is a sleeping bag with characters from the movie Cars on it?

The price of a sleeping bag with characters from the movie Cars differs among the seller of the sleeping bag. On average, though, the price is twenty five dollars.

What are the difference between light and heavy sleeping bag?

The difference in a light and heavy sleeping bag is the amount of warmth you will feel. A light sleeping bag would be good use in the summer time, while a heavy sleeping bag would be good to use when it starts to get a little cooler at night.

Where do you put your sleeping bag in your rucksack?

if it is a lightweight sleeping bag then it can go in the bottom centre of the main compartment or on the outside in a dry bag or waterproof container,sack. If it is a heavy weight or heavy duty sleeping bag then it is better to keep it at the top of the rucksack.

Waterproof layer spread under a sleeping bag in a tent?

Waterproof layer spread under a sleeping bag in a tent?

Where can you buy mountaineers sleeping bag from?

Sleeping bags come in many different sizes and styles for different elements you may be sleeping in. Make sure you get a bag recommended for the weather you will be encountering. You can find a sleeping bag for all of your mountaineering needs are Eastern Mountain Sports.