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What is the best solution to stop stomach gas?

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Stop eating or reduce intake of the foods that cause it. Onions are usually the most common gas causers

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When you have stomach gas problem what is the solution?

drink milk it coats and soothes the stomach

What is permanent solution for your gas trouble in stomach?


Gas in gas solution?

air is the best example of this phenomenon.

What solution will you get when gas and gas mix?

its a gas gas solutionits a gassy solution

What gas is produced in the stomach?

Stomach acid gas

How do you stop the stomach gas?

Eliminate beans and cabbage from your diet. Also by discontinuing watching Bravo TV.

What is an example of a liquid-gas solution while what is an example of a gas gas-solution?

1. Gas-liquid solution: soda, a water solution of carbon dioxide. 2. The expression gas-gas solution is not in use; more correct is gas mixture.

An example of a gas-gas solution?

Air is an example of a gas-gas solution.

What are some ways people can help to stop cars using gas?

The best possible way to stop cars from using gas is no to drive them.

What is the state of the solute in gas solution?

It is dissolved (aqueous if it is in water). A gas solution means that, if the solute were removed from the solution, it would become a gas. It is not a gas while in solution.

Does mulberry extract generate gas in the stomach?

Does Mulberry extract cause gas in the stomach?

Which statement best describes the formation of a solution?

A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two (or more) substances, such that particles of the solvent and solute cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. A solution is stable and its components cannot be separated by filtration or other mechanical means. A solution can be gas in gas, or it can be solid, liquid or gas in solid or liquid.

Can a solution be a solid liquid but not a gas?

A liquid solution can be made from solid, liquid or a gas solute.Hence a solution can be sold , liquid or a gas.

What is a liquid dissolved in a gas results in a solution?

A gas results in a solution.

bad gas,stomach ache ,running stool.?

bad gas,stomach ache,loose stool

What is a solution composed completely of gas?

A solution that is composed completely of gas is carbon dioxide. Hydrogen dioxide is also a solution composed completely of gas.

What is good to stop stomach pain?

I hope this work: Malox. It depends if you have gas or need to throw up. Malox helped me. Good luck.

What does gas feel like in the stomach?

Gas in the stomach gives a sort of windy sensation and forces you to visit the toilet.

What type solution is air?

It is a gas solution.

As the temperature of an aqueous solution increases what does the concentration of gas dissolved in the solution do. why?

The concentration of the gas dissolved in a solution will go down as temperature goes up. This is because dissolving gas into a solution releases heat, so adding heat favors the release of gas from solution.

Does gas hurt your stomach?

constepation does but normal gas doesnt

What describes the act of belching or raising gas orally from the stomach?

eructation the act of belching or raising gas orally from the stomach

What is a gas solution?

This is a gas dissolved in a liquid.

What is an example of a gas gas solution?


Is helium gas a solution?

No it is a Nobel gas