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Alcohol. THC dissolves really nicely in vodka.

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Q: What is the best solvent for THC?
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What is the best thc detox product?

what is the best thc cleansing product

What is the best solvent to dissolve NaCl?

The best solvent of NaCl is water.

What is the best way to flush THC from your system?

Flush thc from system

Which is the best solvent of Calcium Carbonate?

Please let me know best solvent of Calcium Carbonatr

Clean out THC without delouting the urine?

The best way to dilute THC from a persons urine is to stop using THC. There are also vitamins that can clean your urine as well.

How do you pass an oral drug test for THC?

The best way to pass a saliva test for THC is to not smoke cannabis.

What is the best definition of solvent extraction?

Separation of a component from a mixture with the aid of solvent which is miscible with this component but immiscible with the initial solvent of the mixture.

What is the best solvent?

hydrochloric acid

What is the best dro?

White widow. has the most thc.

How many chemical in weed?

alot THC is the best

What is the best way to remove THC from hair?


What is best quick cleanse for THC?

A detox beverage.

What type of solvent is best suited to dissolve ionic or highly polar substance?

The type of solvent that is best suited to dissolve an ionic or a highly polar solvent would also be highly polar, probably a polar protic solvent like water or alcohol.

What is the best tHC drug cleansing?


What are the chemicals that have been found in marijuan?

THC, the best kind.

What is The best solvent for extraction?

Pivalic Acid

What is the best solvent to use for chromatography?


What is the best solvent used in perfumes?


What is the recyrstallization solvent for benzocaine?

Hexane is the best

What is the best solvent that can dissolve sucrose?

It is water.

How do you cleanse your saliva of THC?

If by THC you mean you mean smoke residue the best you can do is brush your teeth and swish mouth wash. There is no true THC in your saliva because it has extremely low solubility in water(saliva).

Which is the best solvent to clean stains of printer ink?

Any mild solvent or "eco" solvent will work fine. They all contain the same active ingredients.

How do you get THC out of system using aspirin?

Take 4 aspirins a fw hours before your test. This is one of the best ways to conc.eal THC levels before a "pop- test." Fat burning is the best overall way to rid THC, but doing this soon before your test will only cause you to urinate more THC into the sample than nessecary

What is the best way to dissolve glues?

Rub some of their solvent over them. Every glue except epoxy has a solvent.

What type of solvent would be used to dissolve non polar compounds?

The best solvent to use to dissolve non polar compounds would be a non polar solvent.