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cindaquil because it evolves at an early level. =)


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There is no best starter Pokemon for Pokemon gold. They all have advantages and weaknesses. My favorite is totodile, but chikorita and cyndaquil are also powerful. But you can choose any of them.

i suggest getting a totodile or cyndaquil

Typhlosion probably,since it is a fire type.

i think cyndaquil is the best starter Pokemon in gold version, because it is the coolest Pokemon i have ever had...totodile is awesome too,but not chikorita.chikorita is weak,but totodile and cyndaquil are powerful!

Is totodile it all depends on what type you like best. Personally, i've always loved fire. :)

Totodile is the best starter for pokemon diamond.( Totodile,Croconow and Feraligator)(evolutions)

Pokemon crystal,Pokemon gold, & Pokemon silver..VERONICA

Those Pokemon are starter Pokemon in silver and gold, but those are color games.

All of the starter Pokemon are the best

The best Pokemon is definitely Mudkip.

Gold silver and crystal but you can also get on emerald if you complete the hoenn dex. Also you can choose it as a starter in Soul Silver and Heart Gold

the best starter deck are squirtle sindoquil and turtwig

piplup is the best starter pokermon piplup is the best starter pokermon --------------------------- I chosed Turtwig grass type

It depends on what type of Pokemon you like best.

Chikorita, Totodile, and Cyndaquil.

You cannot, but it's best to get a ditto and breed your starter. then on gts, trade your starter for another starter

It is your opinion there isn't a best starter I would recommend non they are all equalish.

It is either Torterra or Blastoise.It depends on what version of Pokemon you are talking about. If you mean out of every version, then Charizard would be the best starter Pokemon to have.

out of every region starter Pokemon i'd say the fire types but, the best starter is charizard,because he's easy to train and has the best fire moves

Best starter? Probably Bulbasaur. Best pokemon in the whole game? Mewtwo.

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