What is the best sunscreen?

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doctors seem to recommend spf 30 of above

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Q: What is the best sunscreen?
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Which sunscreen is the best against UVA and UVB rays?

The best sunscreen is either the No-Ad or the Nivea Sun Kids.

What is the best sunscreen to buy?

A million SPF

What is best sunscreen to buy?

A million SPF

Is it best to wait to go in water after applting sunscreen?

Yes, Or else the sunscreen might wash off.

What is the best sunscreen for children for swimming during daytime hours?

The best sunscreen would be one with a high SPF and one that does not contain chemicals. Burts Bees has a very nice sunscreen that is natural and child friendly.

Where can I find the best sunscreen?

You can buy sunscreen at any drugstore like Walgreens or CVS. Walmart, Target, grocery stores and supermarkets also carry sunscreen. The best suncreen you can buy, in my opinion, is sports sunscreen because it is waterproof, sweat resistant, and longer lasting than regular sunscreen. Also, always make sure to get SPF 30 or higher for better protection.

What is the best thing to bring to a outside water park?


How do you get the best tan without burning?

wear sunscreen! but don't overdo it with the sunscreen or you won't get a tan at all. but you won't get burned! =D

Which sunscreen works best spray or rub-on?

the spray sunscreen works better on U.V. beads but I don't know on human skin.

Do you have to put sunscreen on if you got sunburned?

No. If you have gotten sunburned, it is too late for sunscreen. You need what is called and after-sun cream that deals with the burnt skin. It is best to put on sunscreen before you go out into the sun.

Which is the best sunscreen with a high SPF?

It is important to use good skin care products as they have a long lasting effect, especially a good sunscreen.

What is the best kind of sunscreen for kids with sensitive skin?

California baby?

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