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The New York Yankees are the best team historically because they have 27 World Series wins

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the New York Yankees

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new york yankees

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Q: What is the best team in the history of MLB?
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Which MLB team has the best post All-Star Break record in history?

The New York Yankee's

Which team has worst team era mlb history?

the kansas city royals

Who was the first team in baseball?

The Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first team in MLB history

Is Saint Louis the best team in MLB?


Which is the best MLB team?

The New York Yankees

What is the best pitcher in MLB history?

nolan ryan

Is Ozzy Smith the best shortstop in MLB history?


Is Geelong the best AFL team in history?

Yes, it is the best team in history

Who is the number 1 team in MLB?

I think The New York yankees is the best team.

Why do the Mets rock?

They rock because they are the best team in the MLB.

Who is the Best hitting team in the MLB?


What MLB team had best record?

orioles 196-123