Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

What is the best team on platinum?


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your starter pokemon,groudon,palkia,dialga,giratina and arceus.

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team galcatic but only if is what you mean

Yes, Team Galactic is in Platinum.

Infernape Golduck Rypherior Sceptile Tyranitar Electivire

My team is: Infernape Empoleon Torterra Honchkrow Umbreon Raichu Well that's my team... you pick yours

budew turtwig bidoof guxyhxx,klig vjign

empoleon,luxray,starraptor,rappidash,haunter and dusclops.

mainly its your rival inpokemon platinum but Cynthia on Pokemon diamond and pearl

Without legends: Garchomp Lucario Infernape Hipowdon Snorlax Luxray

Kyoger, Empoleon, Kingdra, Mantine, Ontilary, Blastoies, and Vaporion And does anyone know how to get rid of the ? mark on Pokemon platinum

The best Pokemon team is Torterra Staraptor Luxray Ralapidash and.. Diagla-Diamond_Palkia-Pearl_or Girintina-Platinum

No, instead there is a Team Galactic.

There is no such thing as a perfect team

I use Ho-oh arceus darkrai jirachi groudon and deoxys

yes it is the best team ever!! but if rotom faces a phycic aponent it will feint instantly!

it depends what team of Pokemon you have

platinum athletics cheer. No matter what, you get on a team (and they have world ranked teams) and they have a bunch of classes

the team I roll with is infernape,acrues,dialga,palkia,rayaquza and giratina orgin form. Other ideas are the three lendary dogs that I have. And gallade

well, that may be orgin giretina. but for me, a male gliscore is allways the best. if i were you i would make my team on what Pokemon you like best :). hope it helped :)

The best team in pokemon platinum is an Infernape, Staraptor, Luxray [third evolution of Shinx], Floatzel, Bibarel [make it learn all four moves as HMs] and Giratina.

This is a completely an opinion question but I would say that Giritina is the best in Platinum.

add a Spiritomb with wonderguard (Spiritomb has no weakness and Wonder guard stops unsuperaffective attacks hitting you.)

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