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just get lunch and talk

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What is the best sexual thing two lesbians can do?

Not date men.

What is the best thing to do when you like him and your dating someone?

You must leave your present date and find the guy that you wanted to be your date.

What is the best thing to do on a first date?

just go on a drive around or of course the movies.

What should you do with your girlfriend on your first date?

the best thing to do is do the traditional thing take her out for a meal or to the cinemas or try to find out her likes and dislikes

Best thing to bring a girl before a date?

you don't have to bring her anything. just a smile :)

What is some advice for middle school dances?

The best thing to do is to find a date. But if you don't, thats ok! you can go with your friends, but if your friends have a date, then go with ur closest friend that DOESNT have a date :)

How do you tell a guy that you have a feelings for him?

the best thing is ask him on a date if it goes well and if he likes you to then let him in your house and have sex

What is the best thing ever?

Well the best thing ever is the best thing ever what is the best thing ever will the best thing ever is whatever you think the best thing ever is

How do you say best by date in french?

'best by date' in french is 'mieux par date'

What if you forget the date you put the ring in?

The best thing to do it take it out, wait for you period and restart the process all over again

Is a release date and copyright date the same thing?

Not necessarily. The release date can be well after the copyright date.

What dates do girls like?

the best thing to do is to have the first date at the movies then the other dates try to go out to eat and that's it crip

What is the date of the day of grace?

To the best of my knowledge there is no such thing as a "day of grace" in the Roman Liturgical Calendar for the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church.

when does the best buy coupon expire?

There should be an expiration date on the coupon itself. If there is not a expiration date on the coupon you should be able to use it whenever. Another thing you could do is call the store and ask.

What is Avril Lavignes release date for the song girlfirend?

"Girlfriend" was released as the lead single from The Best Damn Thing on 27 February 2007

What do you do when you have a crush on your best friends boyfriend?

"Ask him out when your best friend dumps him." ^thats the last thing you should do! if your a friend, you don't grasscut your friend! never date your friends crush or ex!

What thing can best describe yourself?

what thing describes you best

What is the date on the bottom of a beer can?

Best before date or use by date.

What is the expiry date of cheese?

There is no expiry date...just a "best before date"

Is it a mistake to date your best friend in middle school?

Its totally not a mistake! If you really like eachother, its ok! However, if you break up, you should still try to be friends since you are best friends. If you break up and u are mad at eachother, it was probably not a good thing to date him.

What foods have a best before date?

A lot of foods have a best by date. Usually all of the food in cans, bottles, boxes, and bags have a best by date. Food that doesn't have something protecting over it like fruit and vegetables doesn't have a best by date usually.

When will season 5 of bones be on Netflix?

Best bet will be when the DVD itself gets released. That date is 10/18 but I'm waiting for the same thing you are.

Is it ok to used palm oil after after the expiration date?

Is it an expiration date of a best before date? Best before dates have BB next to them usually. If it's a best before date, then it's fne and dandy, but if it's an expiration date then probably not good.

Why is there a date on sutures?

Usually the date on the packet of sutures is the date of manufacture and the other is the expiry date. like every thing in this world it will expire.

What are the makings of a good date?

The makings of a good date rather depends on the person that has asked you to a date, or is wanting to go on a date with you. Whether or not, it's a good date depends on how the person acts, or how creative he or she can be. If you're asking how can you make a date good. Then the best thing to do is be creative! You could always do the usual movies, or go out to a nice dinner (ask parents for money, or earn it - up to you).

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