What is the best thing to put on a tattoo?

Any lanolin based salve is the most advised aftercare for a tattoo, and for this you will apply a very thin layer over the site after a shower and be sure to keep the site clean and not rubbing against fabric causing needless irritation of the piece. You will do this anytime that the design seems dry or looks a bit chapped. But it is always most advised that you clean the site always before coating it with good grade antibacterial soap and make sure that you pat dry the area with a clean paper towel. To moisten the top layer of the skin will allow the salve to seep into your pores all the easier since you have already broken down the barrier of your skin slightly by exposing it to warm water. Though there are some shops that use plastic wrap to cover your piece after done, and I have NO idea why they do that, it is never advised that you cover the piece with plastic as you are suffocating the pores of the skin of air and will adversely affecting the healing time of the piece and in all likelihood, the overall appearance of the color as well from it being constantly sweaty and moist. When you need to cover the piece, you will want to use sterile gauze pads and secure it with sterile transpore tape, and this is only meant to be worn over the piece RIGHT after the tattoo having being done and when you are going to have to cover it for other purposes in the initial healing time.