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Q: What is the best tool for measuring the size of a person's foot?
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How do you figure out shoe size?

You measure your foot on a ruler thing that's made for foot measuring.

If your shoe size is 9 12 how tall are you?

Foot size does not represent a persons height.

A person's shoe size is?

A persons size shoe is descreat, because even if you have the same size foot as sombody they will all be different width or length.

What was the problem in using the hand or the foot for measuring length in the olden days?

Not all people have hands and feet of the same size. As a standard, this sucks.

What size attic fan is needed for a home measuring 1200 square feet?

My home needs ventilation. What size attic fan would I need for a 1200 square foot house?

What does a persons size have to do with sailing?

A persons size has very little to do with sailing.

How many inches are in a standard US foot?

There are twelve inches in a standard US foot. One's own feet were once used to make measurements but since foot size varies greatly this measuring term was standardized to twelve inches.

What instrument measures shoe size?

Designed in 1927, "The Brannock Device" foot-measuring device is used in many retail footwear stores to measure is a foot measurer. You Measure it in inchesBrannock device

What is the best rope size and length for a a fifty foot climb?

about 70 ft.

Is it true that your penis size is half the size of your foot?

There is no evidence that a persons shoe size has anything to do with how large their penis is

What is the method of feet measurement?

When measuring feet you should use a foot measuring device which has a cup for the heel, a flat foot base plate for the base of the foot and a slider that can be brought up to the furthest extension of the toes. The slider should provide a marker to a graduated scale on the foot base plate which shows how long the foot is in inches/mm/or shoe size. Frequently a foot measure will also have a tape that can go round the widest part of the toes to give a shoe with guide. When measuring feet, measure both feet with the person sitting then standing as the foot length will change and many people have different sized feet.

What size climbing shoe should i get?

one that fits your foot the best depends on your shoe size try before you buy