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vise gripps. make sure they have good teeth on them, and clamp down tight

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Q: What is the best tool to remove a stripped side post battery terminal?
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How do you tighten a stripped nut on a battery post?

Best just to remove the nut and replace it with an new one, or grab a pair of pliers and tighten it that way if you absolutely need to.

Where is the starter on a 1998 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder?

best way to see it is remove coolant lines on the left side of your motor, and remove the air intake, after that the starter is located underneath the intake manifold. remove the positive battery terminal from the car battery, remove the nuts at the end of each lead, and remove the clipse, remove all bolts and it shud pull right out. even easier to remove the battery and tray as well for supplemental amount of room

What is the best way to get at and remove a starter on a 97 Nissan pickup without taking apart every hose and belt on the passenger side?

First remove the negative battery cable from battery. Then get under truck and remove the wires from the starter solenoid, making sure to mark them to which terminal each goes to. Then remove the two bolts holding the starter and then lift out the starter and solenoid. That is how hard it is.

How would you get a battery bolt off that you can't turn with a socket or wrench on a 92 Camaro RS?

I assume you are referring to the side mounted terminals on a battery. They are very easily stripped if the wrong wrench is used or more commonly when pliers are used to tighten or remove. I have found that the best tool to use in this and similar situations is a 6" pipe wrench. It will damage the bolt but that's already the problem. It will remove a bolt that is completely rounded off. Just put it on the stripped bolt and apply a little counter-clockwise pressure and the bolt will loosen. Be careful as it is possible to actually loosen the entire terminal block requiring a new battery. It is probably stuck because it was overtightened in the first place.

How does one go about changing a car battery?

The first thing you do is turn off the car, and set the parking brake. Now detach the black battery terminal from the battery. Next, repeat the same procedure with the red terminal. Using a rachet and socket, remove the battery hold down clamp. Grab the old battery from the bottom with both hands and lift it out of its tray. Using a wire brush, thoroughly clean the corrosion from the battery terminals with a baking soda and water mixture. Place the new battery in the tray and secure it with the hold down clamp. For best results, spray the battery terminals with a anti corrosion solutions. Now attach the red terminal first, followed by the black terminal, making sure the terminals are tight enough that they cannot move.

Changing the battery on a 2006 BMW 330i?

The battery is located on the right side of the vehicle in the trunk. To view it, remove the right side panel where the factory tools are kept. Simply turn the black knob and pop out the plastic insert. Once you have exposed the battery, you will need a screwdriver and socket wrench to remove the arm bar and the battery terminals. Remove the negative terminal first. If you have navigation, your best bet is to have a certified tech do it for you. The computer has to be reprogramed after installation. After serious consideration, I decided not to replace the battery myself.

What is the best way to cut through the wire of a battery terminal?

Cutting through the wire terminal of a battery may be hazardous to your health depending on the battery. Car batteries can be very dangerous and this is not recommended. For other batteries a good pair of insulated side cutter will do the job.

could you tell me the best method to remove nose hair?

Their are many ways to remove nose hair. You can use tweezers, safety scissors, or battery operated trimmers. The best method to remove is to use battery operated "personal trimmers".

What is the best way to replace the battery in a 95 Toyota Previa Need to know what to remove and what not to remove?

well pop your hood. you're going to need a 12mm socket to unbolt the battery post so then you can remove your battery. that's all. just make sure you remove the + and the - post so you can take out the battery.

Where does the white wire connect on a six volt battery?

You don't say what you are connecting to the battery. If you have a black and white wire the best guess would be white to negative terminal and black to positive terminal. If you were connecting a 6V light bulb it really doesn't matter.

Which cable goes on the positive battery terminal in a 1973 Mercedes 450 sl?

Obviously the positive one....which is best found by being the one that DOESN'T end at a ground point. the easiest solution to that is to start from the starter. the LARGEST (presumibly black) wire from the starter to the battery terminal is the GROUND. that would make the other terminal the positive.

How do you remove hair dye from hair?

The best way is to have it stripped out. Having it stripped out requires getting a bleach/cleansing bath. This is where they put bleach on the hair and rub it to remove the colour. It can cause a little damage and take a long time if the dye you put in is dark. Go to your salon and talk to them about it.

How do you reset the check engine light on your 1997 Saturn?

It's OBDII. You can either use a codereader to check and clear the codes, or remove your negative battery terminal for 10-15 minutes. Chances are there's a problem, it would be best to have the codes checked and the problem resolved or the light will come back. you do not remove the negative you remove the positive batery cable

How do you change the battery on a 1983 Yamaha XJ750 maxim?

Disconnect the battery then remove or loosen the top center bolt going towards the fuel tank. I remove the relay from its harness ad best as possible, remove the battery strap (rubber). Then carefully and almost forcefully "finagel" it out of it box. Hope that helps.

Where is the crank sensor located on a 99 dodge avenger?

It would be best to tell you what to remove to get to it. You will need to disconnect the battery cables then remove the battery. After you remove the battery undo the 4 bolts that hold down the battery try and remove it. Then you will need to remove the distributor cap for access. If you look directly below the distributor you will see the crank sensor, it is cigar shaped and has one 10mm mounting bolt that will have to be removed so that you can pull it out of the transmission case.

How do you remove a stripped spark plug on a 2001 crown Victoria?

If the standard socket does not fit, ( 5/8 ) then try and find another size to fit, even metric. This is the best to do, other wise, you will have to remove the head.

How do you remove stripped T6 screws from Oakley sunglasses?

Hopefully you stopped once you realized it was stripped. If you did then your best option is to use a T7 driver and first tighten it (turn it clockwise) so that it can grab onto the un-stripped portion of the head. Then turn it (anti-clockwise) to loosen. Hope this helps. I tried this on my stripped screw on the Juliets and it worked. If it is stripped real bad and you went at it a few times then ideal would be to walk into an optical store and see if they can do it for you. cheers!

Where is the negative battery terminal 2000 Buick LeSabre?

For what purpose? The negative terminal is on the battery located under the rear seat cushion. If you are trying to jump start the vehicle, there is a positive terminal at the back of the fuse box located at the front of the right (passenger's side) inner fender. I have used any good ground (engine bolt, etc.) with this combination for 12-volt power needs under the hood. If you are disconnecting or removing the battery, it's best to use the rear seat location.

What's the best way to change a car's battery?

You just unhook it remove and put the new one in.

What is the best way to remove the cover to my remote to change the aa batteries?

The best way to remove the cover to your remote depends on the type of remote you have. Alot of remote controls have AA battery at the back of the remote. You simply unhook latch and slip down the cover to insert the battery.

How do you remove a battery from a 1999 Mazda miata?

Open the trunk, remove the trunk carpet. On the right side of the trunk, remove the fiberboard battery cover. Use a 10mm wrench to loosen the ground wire, noted with a "-" sign. Miatas use a sealed battery, and will often have rubber vent tubes connected to the battery. The best replacement that is closest to OEM are WestCo Batteries, specifically made for the Miata.

How do you remove a BMW r850r battery?

seek a mechanic - they will know best - although batteries on any car are quite simple to remove if you get a manual or online manual

How do you reset abs light on Ford Focus?

The best way to reset the ABS light on a Ford Focus is to take it to a mechanic. There are some people who have had success resetting the light by disconnecting the negative battery terminal for about 15 minutes while inflating the tires to 33 pounds of air pressure. Then, turn the headlights on and off and reconnect the battery terminal.

What could be draining the battery on a 1970 firebird?

It could be lights on in the trunk or a short someplace, your best bet would be to touch positive cable to the battery and if you get a spark something is drawing power from the battery, pull one fuse at a time and recheck the spark at the battery and when you have a fuse pulled and it finally doesn't spark when you touch the positive cable to the battery terminal you have found the circuit that your problem is in.

How do you locate and replace a starter for delta 88?

Follow or track large battery cable from battery positive post to starter. Remove positive post at battery. Remove two or three wires from starter. Remove two or three starter mount bolts and remove starter. Find Auto parts in yellow pages. Call Parts dealers for best price. reverse removal procedure with rebuild starter.