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There are several websites that gives off good travel packages in general. This website, www.seniortravelhub.com/senior-travel-deals/travel-packages, is geared specifically towards seniors.

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Are seniors eligible to receive discounts for travel packages to Mexico?

Yes, seniors are eligible to receive discounts for travel packages to Mexico. You can contact the AARP and ask what travel packages they have to Cancun, Mexico for their vacation. This organization is for seniors & would have deals for seniors.

Where can seniors find cheap travel packages?

My grandparents love to travel. Where can they find cheap travel packages?

What types and where are senior traveler packages available?

There are many different types of travel packages available for seniors. The best way to find them is by doing research. You can also enlist the help of a travel agent to help you find what the best deals are.

Are there any travel packages designed specifically with seniors in mind?

Many travel packages, from cruises to plane tickets and tours are designed with seniors in mind. Try Kayak.com or Expedia.com to search for the appropriate discounts.

Are there senior travel packages in the Caribbean?

there are a lot of travel packages for seniors that will send you on cruises and great rates.. you can find them anywhere online and even through travel agents!

Do they offer packages for seniors to travel to the Caribbean?

Many Travel Agents will offer discounts for Seniors to the Caribbean. You will want to visit websites such as www.itravel2000.com which will provide the information you seek.

What travel packages for seniors are available?

There are numerous of travel packages available to people from all ages. I understand that you might not want to be around numerous of college student. You should check in the Las Vegas package brochures to find the best package for you.

Are there travel packages to Italy for seniors?

One would have to search multiple travel agencies to get the best comparable price. AARP and AAA are two very reputable companies to look and compare prices.

Are there travel packages to Hawaii just for seniors?

Most senior based groups will have travel packages that will suit most senior budgets and needs. Hawaii is a popular destination that it should not be a problem to book.

Travel vacation packages for seniors?

there are many out there, you just need to search for the best deal.. try Travelocity or orbitz.. they will give you a great package deal and get you to where you want to go!

All inclusive vacations geared toward seniors.?

There are tons of all inclusive vacation packages and some might be geared towards seniors. To find these packages, contact a travel agent. If you are a AAA member, they can also give you information.

What website has a list of vacation packages for seniors?

try Travelocity and orbitz they are the two best sites to check and they have the best prices and bundling packages available.. you can get the best deals possible..

Are Greece travel packages suitable for seniors?

Greece is a great place to visit for people of all ages.. seniors would love the food and the scenery that you can find there.. the weather will be great!!

Are there vacation packages for seniors?

There are many vacation packages for seniors ranging from anything from cruises to special prices on airfare to exotic destinations. It depends on what type of trip you wish to take and the best way would be to search that on the internet.

Are there any vacation travel packages for senior citizens, and how old do you have to be?

There are plenty of package deals out there for seniors... usually the age varies from 63 to 65 ... they are around those ages to get the discounts for seniors.

Are there any reasonably priced Las Vegas travel packages for seniors?

It depends on your budget, but there are good deals out there for seniors. You can look at some of the deals at http://www.vacationidea.com/deals/deallv41207.html

What are the website that has best senior travel deals?

When it comes to discounts on food, movies, and travel seniors do have an advantage in that area. Here is a site that has some travel info for seniors: www.onetravel.com/travel/senior-travel-deals.asp

Where can someone find the best deals on travel packages to Dubai?

There are a number of travel websites where one can find the best travel packages to Dubai. One can find them on 'Expedia', 'TripAdvisor', 'Orbitz' and 'Travel Supermarket'.

Where can I find senior travel services?

There are many travel agencies which cater to seniors and offer discount packages. You can find more information online at websites like www.seniortravelservice.com/

How do you determine community needs?

Brazilian travel packages aren't as plentiful for seniors as they are for some other popular tourist destinations. Places like Florida and the Caribbean have plenty of discounts, but travel discounts for Brazilian resorts don't have markets targeted at seniors.

What are the best travel packages to Vietnam available online?

There are many travel packages to Vietnam. the best are found through Delta. Delta has the best , most inexpensive plans for you to fly out to Vietnam.

What is the best way to take travel packages with me?

I am not sure what you mean by taking travel packages with you. Travel packages are generally a trip you purchase which includes hotel, airfare, etc. Some examples can be found online at www.priceline.com/

Where can I find information on a senior citizen travel group?

there are thousands of websites online where you can get great travel packages for seniors and they will give you great discount deals with whatever way you want to get there and hotels..

How can we find out about senior travel packages?

There are senior travel packages. Go to www.seniortravelhub.com/senior-travel-deals/travel-packages or www.tripspot.com/seniortravelfeature.htm to find these packages.

Where can I find the best deals online in travel packages to cuba?

Have a look here www.cubalinda.com/English/Packages/VPackagesland.asp or here www.traveltocuba.ca. They both list online travel packages to Cuba.

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