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What is the best video game?


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What is considered best is completely subjective. To regard something is the best is an opinion. The answer to this question is, "What do you think is the best video game?"


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The best game is The best game

MARIO is the best video game character

There isn't one necessarily...

FIFA 2008 is the best video game in the world

The best video game will vary by other people's opinions and what game system the game uses. One of the best video games would be Super Mario Brothers.

Everyone would have a different view on the best video game ever

the best game of 2010 is HALO REACH GOOD GAME

the best classic video game ever or the one that sold the most is super Mario bros.

Unawnserable, It may be the best video game in Johns eyes but in Jims eyes it could suck.

The NBA video game to me is NBA 2k10

'the lord of the rings, the return of the king' video game.

The best video game jobs that pay well are video game testers, they test games before they are released.

the best selling video game is wii sports it has sold the same as the wi because it is bundled with it the best selling video game cconsole that is not bundled is wii play it has sold 24 million copies

i think spiderman:web of shadows is the best game

The most popular video game, so far in COD: Black Ops.

Most video game stores will buff a disc. Or a best buy.

The best video game for PC is Modernwarfar2 Crossfire Combat arms and some people play runescape but I think it sucks

I believe it was Red Dead Redemption for the Game of the Year. Hope this helped.

Zelda Ocarina of Time won the best video game of 1999 award

YES. (eating simulator) then you eat the cookie and then you've completed the game.

Wii Sports, but the top selling video game franchise is Super Mario.

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