What is the best way for a 13-year-old to tell her 15-year-old boyfriend that she may be pregnant?


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There is no easy way. You just have to tell him. Say, "Kevin, I'm pregnant." Or whatever his name is. It will be hard, but it has to be done.

AnswerI hope you have some support from your family or friends!! If you need someone to talk to try calling birthright at: 1-800-550-4900. They are completely confidential and can give you friendship and emotional support, legal, medical, and educational referrals, prenatal information, maternity and baby clothes, housing referrals, social agency referrals, information on other community services, and adoption information. AnswerTelling a man he is about to be a father is never easy, whether you were expecting it or not. You should wait until you feel right about telling him, but not too long of coarse. I actually found a website that gives you ways to tell your spouse your pregnant, sorry but i cant remember the site, but I'm sure you could try a search.

I think the most important thing to do is to tell your parents first. They can help you tell your boyfriend and they are the most important people who need to know. Especially at your age. You will need to start going to the doctor and trust me, the sooner the better. Also, this may sound strange, but it might be easier if you get someone else to do it for you and give him time to thing it through, and calm down, and then you and him can talk.

AnswerI'm Trevo,r a 13 year old, also stupid enough to get my 12 year old girlfriend pregnant. I know it wasn't east for to tell me she was pregnant, but she gave it to me straight she told me and said the hardest thing was that I wanted to keep the child and I thought you would say no. Of course I loved her deeply enough to let her keep the child and so now I am of course a father of a girl and we plan on getting married wen we are 18. Back to the point just tell him it seems hard because your scared but just do it . AnswerIf I was you, I would cry and say do you love me just tell me and then say do u love me no matter what happens and if he says yes and say I'm pregnant AnswerBe honest with him. I was in love with my girlfriend at 15. We did it about 3 times without protection. Within 3 weeks she told me she was late with her period! I knew all along we should have used a rubber, but we got carried away and all because it was fun. I now have a two year old son, and he has been the best thing to happen to me!

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