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Be sure she knows this isn't because you just want to be with someone else, and that its not her fault...If she thinks that your blaming you two's break-up on her she will most likely become very angry and defensive, thus more likely to:a) gossip and lie b) become more hurt than needed [and feel unjustly judged] of luck,13 year old girl :)AnswerBoth of you are on the young side and I am glad to hear that you want to break-up at this point. Both of you have a lot of dating ahead of you so please don't rush into things.

The best policy to break-off with someone is honesty. Whatever your reasons are just tell this young girl and hopefully she will understand. If not, then you still will have to walk away from this relationship and she will get over it in time. Be kind, say you want to remain friends, but if she doesn't want to remain friends with you don't take it personally as she may get very hurt and upset.

Don't split-up around other people. Either sit somewhere quiet and give her your reasons for splitting up or go for a walk. It's an embarrassing situation for the girl (or boy) at times, and you don't want to make things worse.

Remember, just be honest and speak from the heart.

Good Luck Marcy

Answerin the first place i dnt think a 14 year old boi or girl should be dating...i mean y waste ur time datin someone you know your not going to stay with?? jux the reason for dating someone is to get to know the person so u can choose to stay with him or not...thats the whole point...not even if youre in highschool i think you should be dating...i mean when hav you ever heard a 14 and 13 year old gettin married with their present bf or gf in ...what?...probably 7 years?! i dnt think so sry


Dude, coming from experience, just go up and tell her. But don't act like a jerk while doing it.

The best way to do it, is just to tell her what's up and be straight forward. if you lie, she'll find out so you best not do it!! good luck

when you ar e 14 your relationship is not that serious trust me i know but the thing is i am engagted and was engaged when i was 14 so i have no room to talk but to be honest just tell her how it is sand say we have our whole future ahead of us and i dont want us to be slowed down best of luck.

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Q: What is the best way for a 14-year-old boy to break up with his girlfriend?
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