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If you mean the best way for children to learn to speak in standard English, mostly is to hear people speaking in standard English. On occasion, you can point out to them what is the correct way to say something. That we may understand what is meant by "I ain't seen him"; but some people would not know what that means but would understand "I haven't seen him."

If you are talking about giving them a better understanding of how sentence structure works from an analytic point of view, that is supposed to come from their English classes in school. It rubs off better on some than it does on others.

It can also help to spend some time studying another language and comparing/contrasting the way the two languages work. For example, the have picked up, by habit, the way to use a word sequence without thinking about how it is formed; there can be an "aha!" moment when they see that French or Latin or German uses a different way to express the same idea.

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Q: What is the best way for children learn grammar?
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How do you know if the grammar is wrong?

Grammar is tricky. If you did not learn it as a child, the best way to learn it (and know whether your grammar is correct) is to find someone who speaks correct grammar and listen to them, a lot. NPR is a good place to listen to people who have good grammar.

Why are grammar books organized by individual parts of speech?

It is the best way to learn and organized to teach it that way.

How can you check your grammar?

Well, the best way is for you to learn grammar properly so you can check your own grammar!If you are typing on a computer, there are several grammar-check programs available. Microsoft Word will check grammar, for example, but it's not perfect.If you have a specific sentence you wish to check, you can always ask a question here and ask if the grammar is correct.

How do you learn how to be a editor?

The best way to learn to become an editor is to become a writer first. Editors must have a strong gasp of language, spelling and grammar, and there is no better way to practice these skills than to write, write, write.

Why do children learn?

Most learn English so they can speak, spell and use proper grammar in countries that are English speaking. Just like people in Spain learn Spanish so they can speak, spell and use proper grammar in their country and in countries that are predominately Spanish speaking. To suggest it is racist to learn and apply a language the correct way shows ignorance.

How do deaf children learn language?

Deaf children learn language exactly the same way hearing children learn language: by being exposed to it.

What is an easy way of learning a new language?

It is normally best for you to learn the grammar of it before you tackle the vocab. Learn the endings of verbs, (I, you, he/she/it, we, you pl., they) and pronouns and if it is a romance language such as Latin or Spanish, it has a lot to do with English. It's easier that way than just trying to memorize verbs, cause when you learn the grammar of it, you form sentences faster than you dreamed you would. And then sentences goes to paragraphs and paragraphs to books...and then you know it!

What is the easiest way to learn English grammar?

Practice more and more. Talk with native speakers.

Do parents know whats best for their children?

No not all the time, sometimes children have to experience things on their own.Not always, sometimes the child has to learn the hard way.

What is the best way for children to learn proper grammar?

Parents and their environment teach children language. Talking to children in correct adult language usage helps them have good patterns in speech. I had parents that talked both in Cajun and proper English and was reminded to use proper English in public. It was hard though to work the accent out of my southern drawl. Be patient and understanding in correcting language.

Is the Pimsleur Spanish an easy way to learn Spanish?

The Pinsleur Spanish method is an easy way to learn Spanish and help you speak it quickly in a way that is similar to how we naturally learn language. It's less of a way to teach you grammar and more of a way to teach you how to speak it.