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I believe you have to have at least a bachelors degree in criminal justice 3 years of related work experience and one year in law enforcement, but if you got good grades in college both of those requirements can be waived.

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Where can you buy a US Marshal t-shirt?

Only US Marshal's are authorized to purchase US Marshal labeled items. Proof of US Marshal employment is required to purchase. For site to legally sell US Marshal items they must be approved.

Can you be a us marshal while working as state trooper?

No. A US Deputy Marshal is a federal employee who works for the Marshals Service.

Is bail on a us marshal hold?


Can you appoint yourself as a us marshal?


Who is currently serving as the Marshal for the US Supreme Court?

The current (2009) Marshal is Pamela Talkin.

When was Cahill US Marshal created?

Cahill U.S. Marshal was created on 1973-07-11.

Is marshal a common noun or proper noun?

The word marshal is a common noun, a word for any marshal.A proper noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or a title; for example:Deputy US Marshal, Bass Reeves (1838-1910)Marshal Island, Tay ONT, CanadaMarshal Street, Brookline, MA'US Marshals' (1998) with Tommy Lee Jones

Who is the US Marshal for Arizona?

David P. Gonzales is the current United States Marshal in the District of Arizona.

Who serves subpoenas for Congress?

a US marshal

First black us marshal?


What is a US Marshal hold?

A federal indigtment could warrant a US Marshal hold. If you were in jail for a petty crime, but it involved US money, drugs AND firearms (not just one or the other), or another federal crime, the US Marshal will detain you or have you HELD until further questioning or investigation.

How did Michael Jordan do help us?

Becoming the best NBA player alive

How long are us marshal holds?

a long time

What are the cons of being a us marshal?

You could be in danger.

What year was the US marshal service formed?


Di the us mint produce a gold us marshal coin in 2008?

No it did not.

Who was the first police officer?

In the USA it would probably have to be US Marshal Allan McLane. The marshal service was founded in 1789.

Can the provost marshal arrest the president of the US?

I can not think of any situation in which the provost marshal would be able to arrest the President.

Is US a poor country?

Jobs are becoming harder to find and prices are going up, so in a way, we are becoming more poor than we used to be.

Is the FBI agency higher than a US Marshal?


Where is the US Marshal training school?

FLETC, Glynco, Georgia

Where is a US Marshal allowed to carry a gun?

almost anywhere

Was Erwin Rommel a president of the US?

No, he was a German Field Marshal.

What is the best way to mail a letter to Ottawa from the US?

I think the best way is fed x.

What was the standard issue handgun for an US Marshal in the 1920s?

Colt 44