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Use a clear plastic sheet and peg the corners down make sure that there is a slight gap at the bottom so it can breath.

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Q: What is the best way to cover a fig tree in the winter in the Northeast USA?
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Should I leave my baby maple tree outside in the winter?

you should mabey cover it with tree covers I think

What is the cover part of the tree?

the best answer is part.

When is the best time to prune a guava tree?


when is the best time to prune guava tree?


When is the best time to prune a maple tree?

When the tree is not sapping - in the late fall or mid-winter.

When is the best time to plant figs?

In the winter when the tree is dormant.

How do you handle tree trimming in the winter?

avoid it. trees are best trimmed in spring or fall not winter, its a common mistake.

When is best time to use a clippers to cut the branches of a crepe murtle tree?

When tree is dorment, in the winter is the best time to get the clippers out. The tree is asleep and will not suffer loss of water from the cutting.

When is the best time to trim an oak tree?

At the end of winter and before spring

Does sap freeze inside a tree during the winter?

In the winter months when the temperature reaches below 0 degrees the sap freezes creating a reverse suction inside the tree which prevents sap flow in the tree. That is why is is best to tap a tree during the fall

When is the best time to prune a silver maple tree?

The best time to prune a silver maple tree is early spring or late in winter. You should prune your tree before it starts to open its buds.

Does an apple tree have leaves in the winter?

My grandparents have an apple tree and no they do not have leaves in the winter.

How and when do you trim a weeping willow tree?

The best time to prune a willow tree is when it is coming out of winter dormancy, but before bud break.

What animal can jump from tree to tree collecting acorns and cach to store for the winter?

Squirrels can jump from tree to tree and collect acorns for the winter.

Why does a tree not grow quickly in the Winter?

In the winter a tree enters a dormancy stage, hibernation, and won't grow at all throughout the winter, it is paralysed for the winter. :)

What is the best time to cut back a bay tree?

The best time would be in winter or when the tree gets too woody and stops producing proper leaves, the tree is not deciduous so should not be pruned too much.

When do you trim oak tree branches?

The best time to trim any tree is when it is dormant. In the winter or before the new buds for leaves have formed.

When is the best time to dig up a dogwood tree to replant?

late winter, early spring

When should you prune a lemon tree?

Best when it is not growing... Winter to early spring...

Which part of the tree dies first in winter?

The only part of a healthy tree that dies in winter are the leaves and this is because the tree does not need to take in solar energy as it does not grow in winter.

What do oak tree do in winter winter?

It loses its leaves

Where do whites tree frogs live?

White's tree frogs live on the northeast coast of Australia.

When is the best time to prune your tree?

it is best to prune a a tree in the fall so it is ready for the winter season. get this, when you prune a tree, if you put lipstick on the ends. it helps them grow back without deformity or damage. Comment and read my Bio!

When is a tree dormant?

Mostly when its winter or its nearly cold to winter

What do opossums do during the winter?

They hibernate in a tree all of winter