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What is the best way to discipline bad children?

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I am not saying this as a joke but being serious. Have you ever seen the show Super Nanny? If so, then you need to call the show or go online and see if she can come and help you out. God Bless:) From my experience working with families and problem children, I have learned that good parenting leading to "good" children needs to start at a very early age. It is difficult and time consuming in the begining, but if you put in the time and effort from the start, the following years will be much easier, less stressful on you and the child(ren) and more enjoyable for all involved. I have found that the MOST important things are STUCTURE, CONSISTENCY, SELF-CONTROL and DISCIPLINE. MOST important is to understand that discipline DOES NOT include yelling, threatening OR hitting. You must clearly establish that you are the adult and in contol and they are the child and not the boss. The shortest and easiest way to explain this is actually quite simple. Good behavior gets verbal praise and "rewards", and "bad" (inappropriate) behavior does NOT get rewarded. People reading this may say "SURE", but suprisingly enough MANY parents DO NOT follow these simple guidelines. Use "spontaneous" positive verbal praise and rewards; don't ignore good behavior and only react to bad behavior. Act swiftly and firmly to bad behavior. One BIG asset is to use a calm, controlled voice; very matter of factly.(This can be VERY difficult, but it's very important.) Children learn very quickly and are very perceptive and smart. When a child misbehaves, it is very important not to give warning after warning after warning; or threat after threat: this makes it nothing but a joke. If, after a calm warning, a child does not comply, use what I call "spontaneous goodies". Simply, those who are acting appropriately (mom, dad, other kids,etc...) get a special treat. An ice cream cone, a trip to the Dollar Store, or any desireable. The innapropriate child does not get the "goodie". (SORRY!) Many people reading this will say "SURE!" The kid will have a meltdown and cry and scream. Deal with it once or twice or even three times and I guarantee the kid will learn very quickly and you will gain control (if done following the above guidelines) If not, eveyone will be miserable and you can look forward to crying, screaming, tantruming and more for the next 15 years. Do it right in the begining, bite the bullet and stay calm and in control and you will have many years of SMOOTH SAILING! (REALLY) I really hope someone out there actually tries this, finds how simple it really is, and has a happy, disciplined child and family!

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Why is discipline needed for children?

so that they will not depart from the right way.

Fatory discipline in the Industrial Revolution?

The adults were threaten in an inadequate way and the children were punish

What color best represents discipline?

In most opinions, purple or blue seem to indicate discipline in a strict and bold way

How to discipline a 14 year old girl?

The best way to discipline a 14 year old girl is to talk and counsel her and talk to her.

What is the best way to discipline a German Shepard when they do wrong?

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How can they respect your parent?

in parenting and children, babies the best way to make your children respect you is discipline . I dont mean harsh but in a way they will understand . Try and react what will happen if they were a parent and how would they feel. For babies i think that the best way fro them to understand is teaching them in different sorts of toddlers way , for example : reading a children story book or make it up to the children on how to respect your children . If theses ideas dont work im very sorry this is all that i can help for further information try looking it up on the net on how do you make children respect you ?

How do you spell discipline?

That is the way to spell discipline.

What is the best way to discipline a child with Down syndrome?

Children with down syndrome should be disciplined like any other children. Time out or talking away privileges might be the best option if you're not comfortable with spanking your child as he or she might not understand that they have done something wrong.

What does bad Santa bring to children?

There is no bad Santa, only a good Santa. Good Santa does not bring gifts to bad children. Instead he brings bad presents, such as coal or maybe nothing at all. The best way to prevent this is to be a good child all year long.

What is the best way to handle troubled teens?

Discipline is the best way. If you put a teen in an environment where they dont get things they are use to they will learn to appreciate the things they had previously.

Why do children have lack of self discipline?

Children lack what they haven't been taught.Train up a child in the way she should go and when she is old she will not depart from it. Proverbs

Explain discipline as way of thinking?

Well yesterday there was a whole segment on this on HLN. According to studies they did discipline is ok for children up to 6 years old. Studies show that they focus more in school, which means getting better grades. They are also more respectful. 7 years and up is bad because they show more aggression and suffer from depression. In my opinion, good parenting is the answer. There is no real need for discipline unless you paid no attention to your children [child]. The only ones who need discipline are the ones who act out, and that's the parents fault

How to teach aesop fables to children?

The best way is to read them to children.

Do parents discipline chilren the way they were discipline?

A lot of the time yes

WHAT Is one roadblock to good discipline?

confusing discipline with punishment. Discipline helps children develop self-control and self-esteem. It teaches right from wrong. Punishment might restrain a child temporarily, but it does not teach alternative behavior. Punishment can even damage the parent-child relationship by reducing a child's trust in the parent.believing that what works at one time will work all the time. You need to change the way you discipline your children to keep pace with their natural growth. Different ages and stages, as well as different children, require different techniques.thinking that when you have difficulty disciplining a child, you are a "bad" parent. Don't put yourself down if you don't get the results you want. Think it through and try again.believing your children "should" behave a certain way at a certain time. Children are unique and special. They develop at their own speed, in their own way.believing you must "win" every battle. It is important to "pick your battles." Don't fight over unimportant issues.parents disagreeing in front of a child about discipline. Solve serious disagreements in private.

Are Scorpio children difficult to raise?

It's NEVER easy to raise children, but Scorpio children need extra supervision, discipline, reasurrance, and love. They need to understand that their world is NOT a place to control any way they want to.

Why are sports bad for children?

Sports are in no way bad for children, they may get an injury but they are learning life long lessons like being a team player and keeping fit

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Stay on longer? Or get off sooner? Self discipline. Do it.

Is tv violence good or bad for kids?

Tv is not bad for any children age it a way that children get to see the world in a different way an let there imagenation run free - little angle for now find me on youtube

What is the best way to discipline two year old toddlers?

There are plenty of resources on parenting. Good options would be looking in parenting magazines, purchasing a parenting book based on the age of your twins, or asking parents of older children for advice

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