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First of all, the cheapest cruise is not necessarily the one you want to buy.

The most expensive cruise you will ever take, is the one you paid for, but, did not enjoy.

Aside from that.... which of you know why the same cabin in three different locations on the same ship can cost $ 699.00, $999.00, or 1,049.00 ?

When you can answer that, and a dozen more little questions like it, maybe then you can feel comfortable booking a cruise yourself through the cruise line's Customer Service Representative (CSR).

It's YOUR time, YOUR money, and YOUR memories. Isn't that worth a little time and effort on your part? Do you really want to gamble with YOUR time, money, and happiness?

A good travel agent knows the cruise lines they represent and sell and has access to all the rate codes and promotions. They have completed initial training and continuing education by the cruise lines they represent, and is accredited by the Cruise Line Industry Association. Not all of the rates of all of the cruise lines are published on line. There are discounts for Seniors, people that live in particular States, members of the military, and others that the cruise line CSR may not tell you about. Note: not every sailing has all or even any of these particular discounts.

An agent will know or have a very good idea, or can find out how well an itinerary is filling, and how that may effect the supply and demand, in other words prices and promotions, and upgrades. You won't find that on a public booking website like Expedia or Travelocity.

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Q: What is the best way to find the cheapest Caribbean cruise in October?
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