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You can become friends with this guy. Be nice and try to get to know him better, if he doesn't' t start to give you attention. then move on, he's not worth your time.

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Q: What is the best way to flirt with a guy you fancy?
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Best way to flirt with a guy?

Be yourself, only friendlier.

How can you physically flirt with a guy when you are sitting next to him?

The best ways to physically flirt with a guy when you are sitting next to him include smiling and touching him lightly on the arm.Winking and smiling while playing with your hair is one way to physically flirt with a guy.

How do you act around a smart guy that you like?

Be yourself and flirt that's the best way

The best way to flirt with a guy?

Give him a good long glance with a half smile at a good opportune time. Then ignore him.

Why do people flirt?

Flirting is way for people to get noticed. If they like a guy they will flirt with him until he shows interest in them.

How can you tell a guy likes you when he is a big flirt with girls?

If he's into you, he'll flirt with you in a way that he doesn't flirt with other girls. Another sign is that he'll flirt with you the most and if this guy really likes you, he'll either ask you out or be rude or kind, it depends on what kind of guy he is.

What is the best way to flirt with a shy guy?

just talk to him and get to know him before you start anything. if he's shy then he'll like it better that way.

What is a really cute way to flirt with a guy?

touch him a lot!!!!!

How to get over a guy you still have feelings for?

just go flirt with tons of guys you like but dont flirt with the guy you have feelings for cuz then u will get way more

Why does a guy flirt and then disappear?

He does this probably to get you thinking about him. this way you are thinking about him often :)

What is the best way to get a boyfriennd?

FLIRT! FLIRT! FLIRT! eyes, body and laugh. say, "Will you go out with me?"and there ya go. hehe

What is a good way to flirt with the person you like?

A good way to flirt with someone you like is to tickle them not to hard tho! Another way is to try and kiss them. If you are a guy do not insult a girl its rude!

How can you become a flirt?

Make fun of a guy in a cheeky, girly, flirty way.

How can you give a guy the sign that he can approach you in a polite way?

You just flirt alot

What is the most obvious way to show a guy you like him without saying it to him?


How do you know if you really fancy a guy?

You will know by the way you feel towards him and the way he makes you feel.

How can you tell if you guy friend likes you?

The way they are with you if they flirt to much then obvisiouly there is some conncetion.

How does a bisexual girl flirt with another girl?

Flirting is flirting you do it the same way as for a guy.

Best way to flirt?

toss your hair and have a cheeky smile.

What is the best way to get someone to notice you?

i would say to flirt

What is the best way to get boys?

i usually flirt with them or I play hard to get.

What is the best way to spy on a girl that you fancy?


If you're talking to a guy up close and he looks you up and down then what's the best way to flirt back?

you like this stuff? lets go find a closet

What is the best way to flirt with a guy you like a lot?

The best way to flirt with a guy you like is to talk to him and find out what he likes. If you have common interests ask him if he wants to go see a movie with you or go ice skating, whatever you both have in common. If he likes you back then every guy likes to have his shoulders rubbed but not to hard, and when you do it ask him questions you want to know in a low voice. This usually works on me and i will always leak information. Hope this helped you. DONT FORGET TO SMILE its important.

What is the proper way for a wife to sign her name?

in cursive so the guy thinks you are fancy