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AnswerI have 2 different glazes I use:

Coca Cola Glaze (my Grand Fathers)

4 oz of Coca Cola

1/2 C of dark brown sugar

Heat on med heat until reduced by 1/2. Brush on ham about 20-25 min before it's ready to be served.


1/2 C Dark Brown sugar

small can pineapple rings (packed in juice)

Red Cherries

attach pineapple rings to ham using tooth picks and center 1 cherry inside each ring.

cook as usual.

mean while heat brown sugar & the juice from pineapple until reduced by 1/2.

brush on ham about 20-25 min before done.

AnswerThe yummiest way to glaze a ham is with honey mustard, brown sugar and a little water. AnswerI really like to mix frozen condensed Orange Juice (thawed) and commercial yellow mustard, half and half. Brush on the ham. It's also nice to score the top into diamonds, and stud with whole cloves, marishino cherries and canned pineapple rings. You can add a bit more of the glaze over the top. AnswerThe easiest and sweetest way is just to put maple syurp on the ham.

MIx small can of crushed pineapple with brown sugar to desired thicknes and pat on ham bake about 10 more mins.

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Q: What is the best way to glaze a ham for Thanksgiving?
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What is the best way to honey glaze a ham?

The best way to glaze a ham is to use a brown sugar and honey based glaze recipe which will be added to the ham approximately half way through the cooking process of the ham. Depending on desired sweetness, varying recipes can be followed, but generally speaking the longer a ham is cooked with the glaze mixture on it, the sweeter the ham will taste.

Why did they eat ham on thankgiveing?

Sometimes ham is a replacement for turkey on Thanksgiving. Sometimes they just want to eat it. But in a way, they prefer ham because turkey has more fat.

How do you cook brown sugar glaze for ham?

The way i usually make the glaze for my ham is, i simmer brandy in a pot at low heat with one or two cloves then i add my brown suger let it simmer till it reduces into a dark syrup like consistancy. Dont forget to remove cloves. It should be ready to poor over your ham! Enjoy! -Irene Alvarado

What is the best way to make honey baked ham?

The best way to make honey baked ham, is with a brown sugar and honey mixture glazed over the top of the ham, then bake slowly at three hundred and fifty degrees.

What are good thanksgiving centerpieces for a table for Thanksgiving dinner?

The best centerpieces for a thanksgiving dinner table are usual simple ones such as candle displays or flowers. Food displays and dishes can also be used in this way.

How do you cook a ham overnight?

A slow cooker or crock pot would be the best way.

How do you get the excess glaze off of the bottom of your already fired pot?

the best way to get off a small bit of glaze off the base of a pot (like small bits from a kiln shelf) is to use a carborundum/sharpening stone and slowly grind it down

What is the best way to wrap ham for freezing it?

In an air tight container, in freezer paper, or to vacuum seal it.

How do you glaze smoked ham?

The simplest way is to rub brown sugar ovet the outside of the ham before you cook it. You can also mix brown sugar with a little warm water to melt it and pour it on the ham in its final 1/2 hour of baking/reheating. You can also mix brown suger together with pinnaple and pour that over! you can also after you do that you can drizzle honey over your ham...Let it bake on and it will tast so delecious expesially if you like to eat the skin,also good with chicken.

What is the difference between putting salt on ham and not putting salt on ham?

One way the ham is salty, the other it is not

Can you freeze uncooked ham steaks?

if you are referring to steaks cut off of a smoked ham then yes you can freeze them. Best way to do so is to vacuum pack them singly. Uncooked ham steaks are actually smoked therefore already cooked and ready to eat.

How do you cook ham?

Hams that you get in the store are already cooked. A fast and easy way is to pour a little pineapple juice in the roaster, put your ham in and cover. I cook for my ham at 10 - 15 mins., per pound (just to heat through.) If you want a nice pineapple glaze over the top, about 10 minutes before the ham is heated through, take the lid off roaster, put the pineapple glaze on (you can buy pineapple glaze in the Asian food section of a large grocery store.) Put in the broiler of the oven (don't move the roaster onto another shelf of the oven) and keep checking on it. When it looks light brown and a bit crusty it's ready. A quick and easy way to heat ham through is slice it first, then put it on a nice platter (saran wrap over top of plate) and microwave for 5 - 8 minutes (check after 5 minutes) and when it's heated through (will be steaming) add some whole slice pineapple (or fresh pineapple cubes) and red jarred candied cherries. Ham baked in milk is also excellent. You don't really need to cook the ham, just heat it thoroughly. If you cook it in about an inch of milk, covered with foil or a lid, the flavor's really excellent. Slice ham 1" thick but in baking dish spread mustard then brown sugar onto the ham slices then just cover with milk and bake till the milk turns clear.

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Do i put ham in ham bag or wrap in alumi foil?

Either way will work.

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The best way is to leave it in the fridge till it is fully thawed. happy holidays.

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