What is the best way to glaze a ham for Thanksgiving?


I have 2 different glazes I use:

Coca Cola Glaze (my Grand Fathers)

4 oz of Coca Cola

1/2 C of dark brown sugar

Heat on med heat until reduced by 1/2. Brush on ham about 20-25 min before it's ready to be served.


1/2 C Dark Brown sugar

small can pineapple rings (packed in juice)

Red Cherries

attach pineapple rings to ham using tooth picks and center 1 cherry inside each ring.

cook as usual.

mean while heat brown sugar & the juice from pineapple until reduced by 1/2.

brush on ham about 20-25 min before done.


The yummiest way to glaze a ham is with honey mustard, brown sugar and a little water.


I really like to mix frozen condensed orange juice (thawed) and commercial yellow mustard, half and half. Brush on the ham. It's also nice to score the top into diamonds, and stud with whole cloves, marishino cherries and canned pineapple rings. You can add a bit more of the glaze over the top.


The easiest and sweetest way is just to put maple syurp on the ham.

MIx small can of crushed pineapple with brown sugar to desired thicknes and pat on ham bake about 10 more mins.