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Get her consent first.

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Q: What is the best way to grab a girl's butt?
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How do you grab a girls but?

Don't or you WILL get slapped ... bad bad baaaddd idea. And really, there is only one way to grab someone's butt :P

What is the best way to prepare Boston butt?

The best way to cook a boston butt is in the crock pot...

How do girls wipe their butt?

the same way guys do? that's my guess...

How do you gently feel a girls butt?

the best way is to slowly do it during a kiss; if the mood supports it and your partner is comfortable with it. A light squeeze is usually appreciated.

Why do girls scream when they get did up the butt?

Because they are way too annoyed too much.

No the best way is to plug its butt?

stick a sock in it

How can you get a toned butt?

Scoot on your butt around the house. One cheek then the other as if your butt is walking. That is the best way to get a firm and shapely behind.

What is the best way to stretch?

the best way to stretch while having sex, is to have your butt in the air while making out with your man.

What is the best way to grab readers attention in an introduction?

Use a shocking statement

What is the best way to increase your vertical jump?

getting a penis up your butt

What is the best way to see if a vaccine for a disease in a bird spieces is working?

your butt :)

How do girls like it best?

every girl is different. therefore, girls like it best when they have it their own way.