What is the best way to help someone stop smoking?

== == == == * There are several things you can do to help someone quit smoking. No matter what you do, encourage them at every step along the way. Encouragement and personal support, according to the CDC, makes a smoker 50 percent more likely to succeed. How should you encourage them? Follow the Trans theoretical Model of Change (Prochaska, DiClemente, & Norcross, 1992). Knowing where your smoking peers or family are can help you provide pointed encouragement. Understand behavior change: Behavior change happens over six stages, and your goal is to help them move into the next phase--except for stage 6: Precontemplation - In this stage, a person doesn't think anything is wrong with his behavior. (Encourage them to think about it). 1)2) Contemplation - Acknowledge that a problem exists. (Encourage them to consider options that exist to change their behavior). 3) Preparation - There is at least a loose commitment to change. (Encourage them by repeating their stated goals. Tell them you believe they can do it. Offer to assist them if necessary). 4) Action - They are taking action to change their behavior. (Cheer them on as they accomplish their goals. Tell them how good they're doing and be available for them). 5) Maintenance - The behavior has changed to their goal behavior. Some stay here permanently. (Check in periodically to see how their doing. Keep poisonous behaviors and triggers at bay). 6) Relapse or Lapse - They return to their old behavior fully or partially. (Help them focus on what they've accomplished, not their failures. Talk about how next time can be different). For more information on helping someone quit smoking, visit http://www.WeDidItStory.com. It's a nonprofit site dedicated to helping non-smokers (and smokers) help in the fight against tobacco.

* There is nothing you can do to motivate someone else to quit any habit. All you can do is be there and be sympathetic without enabling and do nothing to perpetuate their habit. It is solely up to them. == == * The smoker has to pick their own time. By harping at them every time they turn around exasperates them and doesn't help one bit. Cancer is also caused by genetics, the environment in which we live (asbestos, paint that had lead in it, gases from WWII, etc.) Although smoking certainly isn't good for one it can't be blamed for everything. When and if your friend decides to quit smoking then that is the time to encourage them.