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they are not real so whats the point


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It may sound crazy, but salt really is the best way to kill slugs. Or there is slug spray to repel and kill them.

Because elves make the best tuna sandwiches.

The best dancer for each faction would be: Female Blood Elves Male Night Elves

The best way to kill roaches is with roach spray or roach bombs. These sprays and bombs can be purchased at stores such as Walmart.

The best way to kill someone with is to raise the dead. I know a sorcerer that could do this for you. If zombies don"t work, then that sucks.

what is the best way to kill dust mite and remove them out of the hair

you can not kill rocks there not alive

coffee is the best way forward.

The best way to get lvl 1 clue scrolls is to kill lvl2 men or women or kill goblins lvl2.

Wood elves, high elves, dark elves, light elves.

There are so many way to kill a quail. The best way it to slaughter it just like you would slaughter chicken.

No, Keebler elves do not really make cookies. Elves are imaginary creatures, that exist only in fairy tales. The Keebler Corporation adopted cartoon elves as characters for their commercials as a way to appeal to children.

The best way to kill chickens is to chop their head head off with an axe.

No, bleach is not known to kill bed bugs.

kill then and eat the eveidence

best way is to use scarecrow.

Since Elves are mythical and fictional creatures, they can have big ears if one author chooses to have them that way, or small ears if another author chooses to have them that way.

The best way to survive is to stay healthy. And never do anything stupid that's gonna kill you.

The best way to kill a mosquito is to either kill it with a fly swatter, use a bug light zapper, or flypaper.

If it is still alive when you shot it, get a knife out and kill it by slicing its thorat.

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