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By leaving them, finding a great life away from the abuse, and no longer being an available, easy target. You may not feel the immediate result of the "punishment," but it is the most elegant choice and one that will not cause you further pain or trouble.

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Q: What is the best way to punish your abuser?
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Why won't dimmesdale confess?

He felt the best way to punish himself was to bring himself torment from confessing his sin

Can you contact your abuser after the case is closed?

Why would you want to contact your abuser is the best answer to your question? It's probably best if you sever all ties to an abuser. Instead find a good therapist and start going to a twelve step group like Co-Dependents Anonymous.

What kinds of things can family do to help a substance abuser become clean?

The best thing that family can do for a substance abuser is stage an intervention. Once that intervention has been staged, present the abuser with the opportunity to go to rehab.

Did Santa ever punish the elf?

Yes, he punish his elf. This is one way why he punish. When they are bad. When they do something wrong. The punish them by going basement and let them stay there and they don't even get food.

What is an animal abuser called?

Animal Abuser or Animal Cruelty Abuser

What is the best way to punish someone?

depends what you are punishing them for and how old they are. Put them in a Saw trap. No escape. Just one big game.

What Is the best way to get back at your parents?

If you get back at ur parents they are goanna punish you MORE,,,,BAD IDEA,,,,,BUT ALSO FUN hahaha :)

Was David Pelzer a child abuser?

No he is not a child abuser.

How do you punish your boyfriend in a kinky way?

Belt him across the a$$ with a cane.. I did ;)

What should you do if you are married to a domestic abuser and have a 7 year old daughter that the abuser has spread lies about?

Your best action is to leave him. He's not going to change. Seek legal advice and get away.

What are the most feasible means in dealing with a drug abuser?

Often the best thing to do with a drug abuser is an intervention where those that love him or her tell them how the addiction is affecting them. Counseling or halfway houses are an option as well.

My ex abuser husband can be remarried and showing the never was abuser is true?

Unless your ex has a police record/jail time for DV, there would be no way to tell. A private Detective can access old records.

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