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Please note the below info is based on a 1994 Tempo but I'm 90% sure they were all this way in the 90's. 1.on the left and right of the cluster trim you will see a small piece of black plastic.they are right next to the steering column at the 3 and 9 position one is directly behind the ignition switch the other behind the turn siganl switch.pop those off carefully.2.remove the center lower section of the dash right under your steering column.should be held on with 4 screws.3.with that out of the way you will see a large piece of metal which is held on by four bolts.2 down low and two behind the plastic pieces you removed at the start.4.with the bolts removed carefully pull that dash support down and out of you has sharp on the edges so use caution.this will provide the path to the switch5.the switch is held in place by the black bezel on the outside of the dash right behind the knob iteslf.turn the bezel counter clockwise to loosen.Please note that the bezel is the only thing holding the switch to the dash so be careful not to break it or you may be taking a trip to a salvage is where it gets interesting.the knob and bezel will not got through the hole so you have to get a small screwdriver and get back around to the switch rod release on the switch itself so the switch will go behind the dash while the bezel,knob and rod will come off from the front.for this you will have to climb under the dash and look for the slot in the switch I'm mentioning.once you have released the switch rod the rest is self if you are unable to find the slot I'm refering to you can pull hard enough on the knob and the switch will let it loose but that can cause breakage.if it is the original switch and you are sure that is what the problem is the switch rod may pop out with not much pressure at all.Hope you find the info useful.

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Q: What is the best way to replace the light switch in a 1991 Ford Tempo?
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