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What is the best way to season quail?

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sea salt and cracked black pepper

2008-06-25 14:41:44
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Q: What is the best way to season quail?
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How do you kill a quail?

There are so many way to kill a quail. The best way it to slaughter it just like you would slaughter chicken.

When is quail season?

at summer

What is the best way to remove birdshot from quail?

Somethings I've picked upThe best way to remove buckshot from a Quail or any upland bird is to do it while cleaning the bird. Take a knife and look for the bbs that stand out in the meat. One of the easiest ways is to start shooting Quail with brass bb's because they tend to stick out more and are easier to find.

When is button quail mating season?

Whenever conditions might allow successful reproduction - there is no season.

When does quail season start in California?

3rd saturday in october - the 15th

Is there and animal which staryts with q?

A Quail.A Quail.A Quail.A Quail.A Quail.A Quail.

What is the best way to season alligator?

When its dead..

How long do quail stay with their parents?

6 or 7 months, because quail start reproducing around April and hunting season for quail starts in October, meaning that they are fully grown by the time you can shoot them dead

Is a quail a duck?

no a quail is a quail

What the different types of quail?

Some types of quail are bobwhite quails, button quails, coturnix or Japanese quail, gambles quail, mearns quail, mountain quail, scaled quail, California quail and more

What rhymes with whale and can fly?

Quail Quail Quail

What is the meat of quail called?

dr. quail-quail

What birds can you shoot?

Only crows and game birds like turkeys and quail, ducks and geese in season.

How do you build a quail pen?

I have found that the best pen for keeping quail is to buy a small fruit cage and make it doubly secure around the base.

What is the plural of quail?

Quails or quail. Either is acceptable.

Which is the smallest quail?

The Button quail, is the smallest species of quail in the world.

Who is the cartoon quail who whistles?

"The Crackpot Quail" starring Quentin Quail .

Why is advent the season of penance?

Since this is the best way to prepare our hearts for Christ

Can you mate a californian quail with a bobwhite quail?

no because it is a different type of quail

Is a quail a mammal?

Quail are birds

Why does a single male quail make a horrible single squawk every 8 seconds for hours?

He is a lonely male calling for a female quail. The high-pitched calling will stop once he finds a mate. Best thing to do is to get him a female quail then he will be content.

What is the best way to season a cast iron griddle?

You can use salt and oil to remove rust and give it a good clean to season it.

Is quail a decomposer?

Quail are not decomposers. They are consumers.

Can quail fly?

Yes, quail can fly.

What is the name of a quail group?

A covey of quail