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The best way to become a personal trainer is to go through a gym - you don't need any experience or certification and they can train you and put you through the right accreditation schemes. You then create your own client base and use them for referals to grow!

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Q: What is the best way to start personal training?
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Is there information on courses for personal training?

Becoming a personal training online is a great way to ensure your job security. You can go to the website this will show you all the needed steps to be a personal trainer.

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Networking! And work. The best places to find the best gyms is not online (although yelp is helpful). But the best way is to ask people who actually know you who aren't biased.

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what is meant by best personal trainer certification?

The Personal Training Certification through ASFA provides a way for experienced fitness professionals to ramp up their resume and increase their business earning potential through portfolio expansion. The ASFA Personal Training Certification provides potential clients with assurance of your experience and expertise, making it a high-impact continuing education option.

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