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Get her used to a halter before walking her around.

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What best way to teach mathematics so that the child will not be afraid?

What best way to teach mathematics

What is the best way to get calf muscles?

I think the best way to get calf muscles is to do this sort of rocking with your feet. it starts with you leaning on your heals, and then you transfer your weight all the way to your tippy toes! do that about 30 times a day, and i guaranty that you will have noticeable calf muscles in no time! it worked for me!

What is the best way to teach English?

The best way to teach any subject is to observe how the student learns. People learn best if taught with methods that appeal to their learning style.

What are some songs with the word teach in the title?

1) Teach your children well 2) I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way

How can you cure a calf injury?

The best way to cure a calf injury would be to stay off of your feet. You can take pain medication, Aleve works well for me. Massage the calf and put an ice pack or heating pad on the calf.

What is the best way to learn how to play the drums?

The best way is to find someone to teach you and then to practice what you have learned.

How to teach aesop fables to children?

The best way is to read them to children.

What should be the best way to teach a language?

Rosetta stone? :D

What kind of muscle is gastrocnemius?

it is the calf ( by the way, i got this from the answer gastrocnemius on what is the CALF muscle

What is the quickest way to loosen your calf muscles?

if after exercise the best way to loosen up would be have a hot bath but if you haven't got access to a bath put your leg up in the air and massage your calf until they loosen up

What is the best way to teach a family about finance?

One typical way to teach a family about finance is to teach them the basics of budgeting. For children, it can be helpful to utilize an allowance, or a set amount of money that they can use towards purchases.

Why are grammar books organized by individual parts of speech?

It is the best way to learn and organized to teach it that way.

What is the best way to show the lead levels in six contaminated water wells-?

A bar graph is the best way to show the lead levels in six contaminated water wells.

What is the easiest way to teach someone Arabic?

It depends on the person, but usually the best way is immersion. Barring that, the easiest way is to teach simple vocabulary and begin to have lots of conversations over simple things in Arabic.

How do you improve human relations?

The best way is to be a better person yourself; teach by example.

Who Jesus was?

Jesus was the prophet of GOD, and his purpose was to lead us to the right way, and to teach us the difference between good and evil.

Calf lost use of rear legs what could this be?

This could be a number of things, the calf could have a pinched nerve, could have broken hips (result of mother accidentally stepping on it), the best way to discover what the problem is, call your veterinarian, they will be able to view the calf and diagnose the problem. I hope that this is a help.

How can you teach a grade one pupil to easily understand vowels?

There are many ways to teach first graders to understand vowels. The best way is to use them in games.

How can one train a child in the way of god?

keep god in your heart and worship him Answer: For perfect like GOD should be teach how to acheive self realization because our soul amd God each are connected not the Mind (Mind without communicating with inner soul has different effect) Answer 2: The best way to teach a child to live in the way of GOD, is for you, as a parent or gardian to be the role model of that posibility. You can't teach a child to live for GOD if you're not doing that! Lead by example and show that it can be done.

When will an orphan calf have a bowel movement?

An orphan calf will defecate at any time. A newborn calf tends to defecate a couple hours after he has first suckled, since milk is nature's way to encourage a calf to have his first bowel movements.

How to teach a boxer dog to not bit when playing?

The best way to teach a dog to stop biting when he is playing is to tell them no biting. If they continue to bite them stop the play as a punishment.

How do you become an efficient teacher?

Know what you are teaching and the best way to teach it, then apply said knowledge in the classroom.

What is the best way to teach an eight year old to focus?

slap him in the face and tell him to pay attention

What is the best school to learn welding?

Maybe the best way is to find a blacksmith, who will teach you from the very basics of metalurgy and treatment of metals, upwards.

What is the best way to jump higher?

practice jumping, squats, calf raises, step ups, do them consistently and actually work at it. there's no easy shortcut.

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