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The name Nicolas occurs in Biblical text only once (Acts 6:5). Nicolas is Strong's Greek word 3532 which is pronounced "nik-ol-ah-os" in the Greek: and it means Victorious over the people. it is made up of two Greek words 3534 and 2994.

3534 = "nee-kos" meaning a conquest (concretely) i.e. (by implication) triumph or victory, its from Greek word 3529.

3529 is a primary root word "nee-kay" we see it spelled NIKE as in the shoe manufacturer, it means conquest (abstractly), i.e (figuratively) the means of success or victory.

2994 = "lah-od-ik-yooce" which means a Laodicean, i.e and inhabitant of Laodicia its from Greek word 2993.

2993 is from two words 2992 and 1349 and it means Laodicia, a place in Asia Minor

Its important to note that Nicolas was a Proselyte of Antioch (Syria). Proselyte (4339) means he was a convert from foreign region and not of the House of Israel.

Christ will use a form of this name in the book of Revelation (2:6 & 15), where he talks about his hatred for the doctrine of the Nicolaitans (3531), who were Nicolaites and adherents to Nicolaus. The word Nicolaitans is from word 3532 "Nicolas" From other studies, it appears they brought philosophia doctrine in among the teaching of the gospel. Paul addresses philosophia doctrine in Colossians chapter 2. Philosophia doctrine is the base doctrine of Hegel and his students which include Bauer, Feuerbach. Sterner and Marx & Engels, its also the base doctrine of Darwin and George B Shaw. Philosophia doctrine would have been common among Greek society. Its most likely the reason Christ spoke out against such a doctrine as its use easily deceived people, especially when they twist Christ, Gospel using the Dialectic.

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The name Nicholas does not appear anywhere in the KJV bible.

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a Decon

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Q: What is the biblical meaning of nicholas?
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