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The largest earthworm is most likely the Australian Great Gippsland Earthworm. They grow to more than 3 feet in length.

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the earth worm and the red worm.

an earth worm is longer and has more sections of the body in comparisence to a roundworm.

Earth worm moves like larva (wriggler)

An earth worm is plump and long. A round worm is long and slender almost like a hair.

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An earth worm is not a vertebrate. It is an invertebrate because it is an animal that does not have a vertebrate spinal column.

Type your answer here... An example of a segmented worm is an earth worm. <3

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No. Earthworms are segmented worms.

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Biggest: Blue Whale Smallest: Microscopic Round Worm

Yes, an earth worm is a Detritivore. It dwells in the soil and feeds on detritus such as soil with an organic component.

As the earth worm, fan worms are in phylum Annelida.

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